feeling the love!

Wow – what does a girl do to deserve friends and family like you all? We’ve been overwhelmed by the calls, texts, emails and check-ins. It means so much to get such sweet notes of love and support. Thank you, thank you!  I even got a “Cancer trade” from a fantasy football teammate, and while it wasn’t the RB I coveted, I’m happy with my new TE. (It’s better than being Fantasy-raped which I was by her husband, ex-manager last year. Fantasy Football people. What did you THINK I was talking about?)

Tomorrow is my first appointment to see a surgeon at UCSF. A ton of questions floating around in my mind! Will my final pathology results be in yet? What’s the timetable for surgery? What’s the appropriate outfit to wear? It needs to be comfy, yet chic, yet also easy to take on and off for exam (if needed) and warm for the winds of SF.

Meeting Surgeon #1 tomorrow

Meeting Surgeon #1 tomorrow

WEARING: AG Skinny Repair Leggings + Joie suede loafer + Kerisma oversize sweater available at Madison Tiburon  + Enza Costa tank available at Nicolette.


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  1. Loving surgeon #1 outfit…I’m all about comfy, cozy oversized sweaters, especially in creamy-neutrals, and leggings are the perfect balance. Looks like accessories were kept to a minimum…smart…wouldn’t want to snag the knits on a dangle, hoop or cuff while unveiling! Nicely done!

    I am sooo in to walk this journey with you one outfit at a time!

  2. Ok where is the justice……..can’t a girl even with tiny bit of cancer get a personal photographer?????? While the selfy is great…. I do know an amature paparazzi that will be at your disposal and hook you up….let me know if you need her digits????
    But……first of all……the outfit is balling(the surgeon will most definitely be impressed)
    B. The attitude is “OFF THE CHAIN!!!”
    3. The play by play commentary is “Balls to Wall” AAAMMMAAAAZZZINGG!!!!!

  3. This is classic JG!! It’s the rare person that gets a cancer diagnosis and a mere 3 days later has a snappy blog that allows her wit, intellect and fashion expertise to shine. Gins, you rock. Thanks for letting us support you on the CJ. sorry I don’t have ANY talent to offer on the FFL, but I will do anything else I can to be helpful. you and your new blog are Frankly GOREgeous xox WTF

  4. You are such a baller. Never once used that term before, so breaking it for you, girl. And a really good/bad tv rec = Betrayed on ABC. I watch zero series tv and am hooked on this Sunday night show. I will be so pissed if it does not catch on. Charlize Theron’s hotty ex is in it.

    Behind you all the way!

  5. I’m taking bets on how quickly The Today Show is going to feature your blog. You are a-mazing! Such an inspiration. Your radiating attitude alone (and outfits) will beat this down. So for you…I write… During this journey as you Hunt(er) for new clothes, which might cost you a few Pence, don’t forget to take some time for yourself and relax in the Sand(oval). Allow yourself some time to feel Bum(garner)ed, but then quickly Scut(aro) yourself over to a friends house for margher(Zito)’s, Craw(ford)dads, and a round of loud (Vogel)songs! So put on your fanciest (Belt)s, and forget about ever having to use a (Cain), because you have many (Angel)s looking out for you and will (Lince)cum when you need. Serger(io) is in your future, but don’t turn Blanco, because together we will help you Bust(er) this out of the park! Love you!

  6. JG – you are always an inspiration, in everything you do. Love the blog, the wit, the outfit, and love your “take no prisoners” attitude. Cancer has never met a more formidable foe!

    Your fantasy team, on the other hand, has some tough work this week. I’ll be happy to entertain a RB trade with you….next week, after we’ve done battle! xoxo

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