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For all you data heads and math geeks out there (there may be 1 or 2 of you, Bueller? Bueller?) and for those of you who continue to send me kind emails, texts and messages of love and support and “Any news?” – this is for you. Ta da! We’ve got numbers people!

[And in the spirit of those old Tylenol commercials: “I’m not a doctor, but I play one on TV,” I preface this with “I am not a doctor, but I’m playing one right now.”]

Let’s review:

  • My left breast has infiltrating (or invasive) ductal carcinoma
  • It appears to be .6 cm but we don’t know the exact size or shape but it appears to be teeny tiny

And now, the new data:

  • Clinical Stage 1.
  • Grade 2: (on a scale 1-3). Intermediate cell growth rate.
  • Ki-67 is 40-50%. This measures how aggressive the tumor is.
  • HER-2 This measures human epidermal growth factor receptor and HER-2 means that the HER2 protein is not causing the cancer.
  • Hormone Status is ERPR+ which means that the estrogen is causing the tumor to grow, which indicates that the cancer should respond well to hormone suppression treatments.

And in other data news – my mom bought me a cool Nike+ Fuelband which I wear on my arm like a bracelet and it does triple duty as a watch, calories burned tracker and steps taken.  I am determined to stay healthy during this journey – no laying in bed with an empty pint of Chubby Hubby on my nightstand (nope – that’s not an intended diss of M – honest!) Plus, it’s super rad. And if you had to ask, I got the clear/white one. More feminine. So now there’s like almost no excuse to take Lucky on late afternoon walks with F so I can hit my fuel target each day. (But let’s be real people, I can probably come up with a few decent excuses and I don’t even need to try that hard to do it either – so there)




xo JG



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  1. You go girl! Great choice on the Nike Fuel Band. And I love the numbers — especially the one about Stage 1! Sending lots of cyber love and strength. Xo

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