I debated writing this post. It seems odd to be saying thanks after the cards I’ve been recently dealt. (“Thank you sir, may I have another”) And it’s also difficult for me to convey the depth and breadth of my enormous appreciation for the so many friends and family members and acquaintances who have reached out during the last 10 days.

Small sidebar alert: (Don’t worry I’m coming back to my point. Slowly.) M sent me a really funny video on Fantasy Football stereotypes today. Can you tell I’m obsessed? With  a 3-3 record, and the – wait for it – 2nd lowest cumulative point total in my league… umm…as if that’s something remotely awesome to brag about considering that the team with the lowest total points is 0-6. Love ya TBSS!), I’ve determined that I need a new hobby. Like,  STAT.

So this blog keeps me occupied and instead cruising the waiver wire for weekly pickups and delving into the deep dark depths of the Fantasy Football abyss, I turn my attention elsewhere. Which is a good thing.

How did I get to have such an awesome support system like you guys? You totally know who you are even if I don’t mention you by name:

  • You are the angels who chauffeur my kids around when I have doctor’s appointments in the city;
  • The thoughtful pals who drop off glossy magazines and dry shampoo at my doorstep;
  • The behind-the-scenes wizards who help me with WordPress so I look like a html coding genius;
  • The ones who text me from Target and ask if I need anything;
  • The enablers who allow me focus on important things like who will now play Christian Grey in the movie, what will happen to Khloe and Lamar,  and how many black leather jackets is too many;
  • The old school friends who call, text and email to “check in” and don’t expect a reply back in return;
  • The selfless helpers who take notes at doctor’s appointments form me while I’m busy digesting an entirely new vocabulary;
  • The packs of people in my life who aren’t afraid to look me in the eye, inquire how I’m feeling, ask if I want to talk,  and understand when I don’t;
  • And to all of you who have showered me with your kind and touching words, shared your love and affection, and been brave enough to laugh with me when I crack a completely inappropriate cancer joke…….

You guys rock! True ‘dat.


xo JG


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  1. Jennifer, you’re writing is AMAZING!! Your humor, the way you present yourself, is truly special. i think when this ordeal is over you should put all of these blogs in a book. you could be so much help to so many with your fabulous attitude and the way you put things in words. I have been talking to your Mom every step of the way. Love hearing about all of your friends and the core you have. Just know I’m thinking about you!!!

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