all night long

Hello! I’m off to see the L-Train in San Jose with M and L + TC. I’m so excited I could pee in my pants. Listen now, don’t get too judgy and say anything harsh about my man Lionel. He’s rad. I mean is there any song on Earth that is better than “Easy?” I didn’t think so.


This isn’t the first time we’ve seen him in concert so I guess that makes us “Richies”, “Lionelheads” or who knows. The first time we saw him was a surprise Valentine’s Day present for M. (Anyone who knows M well knows he GOES ALL OUT for V-Day – I mean, you just can’t keep a man like that down who lives for artificial Hallmark holidays, ’nuff said. It’s embarrassing how  over-the-top he goes, ridic really.)

So anyway, we go to breakfast near our apartment in Potrero Hill, and I give him a card that reads inside “Get packed – because we are Dancing on the Ceiling All Night Long!” and we flew out later that day to Reno to see him in concert. It was the best damn present (and surprise) that I’ve ever done. I thought he was going to propose right then and there. (For those keeping track at home, he didn’t until a full 6 months later.) He can probably tell you more about the concert than I can: about the pack of UCSD college kids with signs reading “Hello” and drunk off their asses, or the sparkly blue sequin number Lionel made his first entrance on stage in, or how he teared up during Once, Twice, Three Times a Lady (sssh) ….but I just remember that it was an awesome night.

So here we are: 3 kids, a dog, and a cancer tumor later, and we’re off to see him again!

Want to see what I’m wearing?

J Brand Lovestory Jeans, Rag & Bone Newbury Booties, Enza Kosta top, Krisa vegan moto jacket, Chanel wallet on a chain, Hermes CDC.


Don’t wait up….!

xo JG


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  1. Jennifer,
    I am a friend of your mother’s (we have spent many weeks together over the years at Rancho La Puerta) and I am also Judy Grossman’s sister-in-law. I’m married to Bob. I also have 32 year old twin daughters. your mom always updates me on your twins. Two of my best friends have had breast cancer in the last year . Both had lumpectomies and follow up radiation. Both of them are in their 60’s. Both are cancer free!! I have been following your blog. I am cheering you on darling! You are a wonderful writer! You have a great wit!! Keep up your positive energy! It will carry you far!
    Lots of love and positive thoughts and prayers to you!

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