the new intern

I have a new intern. My old intern gave notice a few months ago. It was time for her to move on. No hard feelings – she wanted to focus more on her music, she explained. Oh, and it was also was getting really hard for her to successfully juggle her intern duties with her demanding responsibilities on Club Penguin, and DVR management: Good Luck Charlie, Austin + Ally, and Shake it Up won’t just watch themselves. We’ll still stay in touch, I’m sure, even though now she doesn’t always follow me from room to room like she used to, or routinely sit super close next to me on the couch, or constantly accompany me on errands. To protect the names of the innocent (plus she has an online presence to maintain), I won’t reveal names, but will say her name rhymes with “Foolya”.)

taking a break in between meetings

My new intern is a total go-getter. He’s up for anything – accompanies me while I clean out my closet, goes on boring errands with me, patiently sits around offering support while I scour the waiver wire, and in a surprise unexpected turn of events, doesn’t say “blech” when I announce what’s for dinner. He’s really the ideal intern, if not for being a little bit of an ass-licker. (pun intended – and no he does not lick mine people!)

For those who had the over-under on us getting a dog again at zero, I’d say you were right on the money. Yet somehow, in an unprecedented move, I caved. Lucky (named after former Stanford QB Andrew Luck, natch) is adored by the kids, loved by my parents, tolerated by M, and I’m absolutely totally in love with him!  I never could imagine how much comfort and warmth a puppy could offer me (I was laser-focused on the other things a puppy could offer: poopy carpets, chewed furniture, early morning wake-ups…) especially now when the kids are at school and I’m doing work in my office at home, and he’s, well, he’s right here next to me. Always.

At the end of a long, emotional, trying day, there has been nothing better than knowing he’s waiting for me at home and will nestle against me. His heavy breathing will keep me company when the kids are asleep and M’s still at work and provide comfort; his wagging tale and whimpers to greet me at the door when I come home fills me with gratitude; his sloppy wet kisses are….well, actually, I’m not that into those if I’m really being honest here.

I plan to keep the new intern – even if we have to have a little chat about his motivation for staying awake during business hours.



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  1. Nothing like an intern you can count on………someone who can smell everything to make sure your safe, someone who naps more than you so your naps stay in the realm of normal, someone who cleans the floor regularly, someone who waits with bated breath for the next marvelous action you take, but the best is that there is someone who is there to greet you when you get home and all they want is a head rub and snuggle!!! Love the four legged interns. Congrat on yours!!!!

  2. Love your new intern. Mine has been with me for six years. He is extremely loyal, thinks I am always right, has gorgeous red hair ( that is natural) , and has the figure I have always dreamed of. I am looking forward to spending time with yours on some walks in the upcoming weeks. I will try to have a chat with both of them about the sleeping during business hours problem.

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