once upon a time

Once upon a time…don’t all good stories start that way? I guess they do. Okay then.

Once upon a time there lived two little girls who were best friends. And they lived right across the street from each other and saw each other every day. And they were born on the same birthday, just hours apart!

Doesn’t this sound like fiction? Well, it’s not.

Those two little girls – who were first cousins – are my mom and her “pixie twin” J.  They grew up together, went to school together, shared milestones together, were in each other’s weddings (well, to be technically correct, J was pregnant and consequently did not wear the pink taffeta confection of 1968 loveliness that my mother had her bridesmaids wear), and developed the same Days of our Lives addiction together.  (This disease runs in my family.) So it was totally fitting then, that their two daughters – who were born just a month apart – also grew up doing everything together:  birthday parties, dance recitals,  sleep-a-way camp, summers at Tinsley, and musical theatre. (A and I had a long and thriving career in the chorus.)

Scan 9

at our 3rd birthday party

It was during those summers up at Tinsley that A would dress as twinners. (What I would give to have a pic of us in our matching orange Osh Kosh B’Gosh overalls with Pink Izod Lacoste t-shirts!) This directly led to my  Decision to Become a Writer.

I was 10 years old.

Sidebar: And in what can only be explained as a Cosmic Cousin Connection, A and I have the same breed of dogs with the exact same coloring – so even our puppies are twiners!  (Welcome to the family Spencer!)

In my free time, inspired by our matching outfit choices, I wrote stories of plucky twin girls named Mindy and Mandy who got in all sorts of adventures. I wrote and illustrated these masterpieces. I insisted that everyone call me Jennifer; I was no longer Jenny because Jenny was not a proper name for an author. (For real. This happened. I know what you’re thinking: Jenny? Seriously? Yep. Let’s move on.)

Today I received a package in the mail from A. Wanna know what it is?

ta da!

ta da!

Thanks cousin A –  not only for the fun new pink t-shirt which has provided uncontrollable giggles from my tween fan club at home – but for the years of memories, support, love, and inspiration.



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  1. J- Looks so fab on you!! By the way.. all true stories. I’m sure I have a pic of the orange overalls and pink Izod shirt. On the Jenny to Jennifer transition- I was and have still never been able to make the leap.. thus Jen became the name of choice for me and R. (He shares the same dilemma.. a few out there still do call him Robbie).
    I was always in awe of your talents, writing and coloring (and tried to copy your craft as best I could). And as I see you handling your CJ, still amazed by you!! Lots of love.. A

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