CJ tour guide needed

Calling Julie McCoy…we need you!

Perhaps one of the more perplexing components of this entire process is the solid lack of direction provided by the health care industry. First you see an oncological surgeon, then you see a plastic surgeon (if needed), then you see your oncologist. In fact, the oncologist, who becomes your main cancer doctor, doesn’t really want to see you until you’ve had surgery and the tumor is removed. Seems counter intuitive…but that’s the way it goes.

And don’t even get me started about the schedulers at each office! It’s a confusing maze in which to navigate.  The scheduler at the OS office works with the scheduler at the PS office and then you talk to both respectively. The pre-op details are left to the OSS and the post-opp details are left to the PSS. But don’t forget the pre-registration at the hospital and they don’t even want to talk to you until you’re at least 5 days out.

So in other words: if you’re a planner like me, you’re totally screwed.

What I would give for a Cancer Concierge. You know, someone to make all the scheduling phone calls for you, fax all the needed paperwork, get the necessary information and organize it nicely into a color-coded excel spreadsheet. Bliss!

I don’t mean to be a complainer. I realize I’m lucky to have my mom who helps organize me as much as possible: she brings me updated daily print-outs of referrals and the like from her friends, and went to Ideal and bought us matching binders and folders. Like mother like daughter. This may totally suck, but at least we have all our paperwork in one place with a new shiny binder. Count the small victories people!

But I’m still stuck with the nagging feeling that it’s entirely up to me to seek out the best information and make sure I’ve taken care of everything and gotten all of my ducks lined up in a row. It’s kind of a lot of pressure if you ask me. I’m just sayin’.

So in the meantime, I’ll make my binder work and roll up my sleeves and continue to gather details where I can get them. But the biggest nagging question remains: what should I put on the front of my binder? According to Miss J, I should plaster my binder with JB pics; the guys would tell me to put pics of Megatron and Drew Brees and Andrew Luck on the cover; and I think we can all safely assume that M would have zero opinion on my aesthetic dilemma.

So it’s up to you – most votes win. Zac Efron? Lionel Richie? Lucky? Other?




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  1. Jen,
    Put all of it on there! Put all things that make you and your family feel beautiful and strong and powerful! Also, to go with your new shiny binders, you should get a couple of cool pens…always makes for better organization and lists!

  2. A pic of your kids making their craziest silly faces! You will laugh and feel inspired every time you look at it. If that doesn’t feel right…then yes, Zac Efron works. Personally, I prefer George Clooney.

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