my favorite truck

When the guys were around three, we’d identify all the kinds of trucks we saw when driving.

“I see a dump truck!” they’d say proudly.

“Excavator!” they’d announce triumphantly. 

Trucks to three-year-old boys are kinda what fashion is to many of us: (Myself included. Duh.)

  1. You can talk for hours and hours about the different kinds, colors, makes, and styles;
  2. You never get bored gazing at glossy pictures splashed all over glossy magazines;
  3. You know what you like and what you don’t…
  4. …and the true test that separates a novice from an expert is that you know what your friends like.

[Sidebar alert: C+Z knew without hesitation, that K’s son J’s fave truck was a Green Backhoe.]

This game was so ingrained that I began to shout out the names of trucks when I was in the car. By myself.

“Cherry Picker!” I’d yell. To no one in particular. 

The other essential facet of their truck obsession was that we all had to have a “favorite truck”. This was important. And it couldn’t be the same as anyone else’s in the family.  In an effort to play along as truthfully as I could, I revealed that my favorite truck was the “Package Truck.”

Yep. The Package Truck. Whether it’s brown and has the letters UPS on the front, or whether it’s white with purple and orange letters, I didn’t care. The Package Truck meant something special was arriving! For us!

Fast forward many years later (C+Z are 11; I of course, haven’t aged), and the guys’ obsession with trucks has waned and in its place a number of new obsessions have come and gone – but my favorite truck has remained unchanged. The Package Truck continues to bring us special things – from books and toner cartridges, to Halloween Costumes and shoes – I guess you could say we have fully embraced the world of online shopping. And really, what’s a better cure for the cancer blues than the power of click-therapy? (Ummm, don’t answer that.)

And it’s not just shopping – browsing can be fun too! Check out this online week’s finds.

Happy shopping!



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