green volvo theory

In 1983, like every mom in suburban America, my mom bought a Volvo Station Wagon. It was unremarkable except for the color: a mint metallic green. (For anyone who knows Craig’s affinity for cars and car maintenance, it should come to no surprise that prior to this car, he had not allowed metallic car colors because the touch-up paint was not an exact match.)

I don’t recall seeing so many Volvo Station Wagons before this milestone Morris acquisition. Sure, we’d seen some cars like ours, but not the same exact color! What were the chances? Suddenly, they were everywhere: on Hwy 80 on the way up to Tahoe, in the parking lot at school, and all around town. Had these cars been on the road all along and we had just not noticed them? Had we stumbled upon a rash of popularity with this kind of car and this exact color? The answer was yes – to both. We happened on the intersection between new awareness and new trend.  I coined this phenomenon “The Green Volvo Theory”.

I’ve experienced this phenomenon a few other times – and most recently with my breast cancer diagnosis. Being diagnosed in October (Breast Cancer Awareness Month, aka Pinktober) was the heightened awareness. Just fresh off of the Dance Party Pre-Op video that went Viral, here comes today’s announcement courtesy of Amy Robach, news anchor on “Good Morning America” that she was just diagnosed with breast cancer following an on-air mammogram. To read the story, check it here. In the ultimate example of the GVT come to life: Amy Robach, a young early 40-something mom like me, will undergo a bilateral mastectomy on November 14th, the same day as my surgery.

Amy shares her CJ in her own words on this blog and this video clip from this morning’s show. So much of what I’ve felt or experienced she expressed so well. I will be thinking of her on Thursday.

Anyone catch it live today and notice her hubby is former Melrose Place actor Andrew Shue?



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  1. YES I saw that and was thinking of you the whole time! I am so glad that you saw it…obviously you could empathize with her. Very brave of her to go public. She will bring a lot of awareness. Great reporting. And Jennifer – you are a great writer!!

    And yes, the Andrew Shue addition was a surprise!

  2. jennifer – i am an east coast fan from Philadelphia – a friend of the Spiegelmans who turned me on to your blog. I had to tell you that I am following your journey and am SO impressed by your writing, your sense of humor, and most of all your courage. Luckily we have not had to deal with cancer (cardiac issues being our disease of (un)choice) but my husband is a (retired) plastic surgeon and I know how many woman he went thru this with and how well they did and how happy they were with their results. I am thinking of you and sending you all kinds of good thoughts.
    susan lipkin

  3. Hang in there, Jennifer. It isn’t easy but you will get through it. I am wishing you a speedy recovery and positive outcome. You will be back to your full life in no time!
    Deb Finzen

  4. I agree that you are an incredible writer, Jen. Likewise, I’m in awe of your bravery and your humor. We’ve been sending lots of love your way and hope you’ve been feeling it. Of course, you’ll be in our hearts on Thursday.

  5. On behalf of the “Kiddeshonu Sisters Family,” I wish you all the very best of outcomes and the speediest of recoveries. I will look forward to more postings on your Pink Blog soon. You are loved by all your family, family friends, friends and fans. Keep smiling and the positive attitude. “Uncle Kenny”

  6. Jen, So sorry you’re going through this. We’ll be thinking of you Thursday and sending you healing thoughts. Your blog is really entertaining, inspiring and vivid. I can hear you talking. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Nope, you are not alone and you are in good and gorgeous company dear cousin. Just keep writing and you too will inspire others. Can’t wait for this to become a book. I love you.

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