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I have the best friends and family in the whole wide world. You guys shower me with love, support, friendship, and a few presents thrown in for good measure. I love presents! Does that make me shallow? (Wait – don’t answer that)



If I was to design a CJ SWAG Bag – the essential go-to kit to help pre and post OP recovery, I’d fill it with the many items you guys have dropped off at my doorstep:

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1) Body Pillow with pink velvet case – so soft thanks MW! (dog not included in gift)

2) Anti Cancer book – essential and life-changing will read cover to cover thanks CI!

3) James Perse hoodie – perfect for post-OP recovery thanks CF, SM and KV!

4) Laura Mercier lip gloss kit – love all the colors and super yum tasting CI you know what I like!

5) Button down shirts from J Crew and Banana – thanks CS + crew!

6) Patagonia leggings – warm, cozy and flattering  thanks JL!

7) Grey Cashmere robe – a shout out to my Gramma (GG) who is not online thanks JM!

8) More essential and thoughtful reading – you’re my rock EJ!

9) Sparkly Giuliana Rancic earrings to benefit Breast Cancer Research – because you can never have enough bling and these are spectacular thanks EA!

10) Oh F*#k Bandaids – when no other word is appropriate thanks LS for making me laugh!

11) Yummy Faux Fur throw so cozy – I’m overwhelmed LS!

12) Assortment of must-have items including fuzzy socks, loungewear and a few “practical” items thanks LP!

If I had more room in the gift bag, I’d also want to stash the following items:

12) Delish pumpkin  bread – homemade and we ate it in less than a day thanks CI!

13) Curry Chicken, Lasagna + Chocolate Dessert – yes please thanks AG!

14) Athleta leggings – after all I need something to wear after I peel off the other ones don’t I? Thanks CH!

15) A complete Body Experience at the Imperial Day Spa – unforgettable thanks EJ + PR!

16) Dry Shampoo – KV you’re the best!

17) A solid Tight End for my Fantasy Team – thanks LW sorry our trade didn’t work out for you and that Reggie Wayne had a season-ending injury days later, so I consider this a CJ gift! (Although fitting Antonio Gates in the SWAG bag might be a bit tight squeeze.)

18) A laptop so I can operate Central Command from the confines of my bed – a big thank you CM!

There are countless others and I continue to be in awe by your generosity, kindness and thoughtfulness!

Forever in your gratitude!




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