D Day – the battle of the boob

On one of my first trips up to Idaho with M and his family (I was 17), we played a lot of board games after dinner. Long before the years of wifi and internet, laptops and iPads, the rustic cabin in Pinehaven was old-school, even by those 1988 standards: no telephone and no cable TV.

One game that was on heavy rotation between all of us (M, his mom and dad, middle brother P, younger brother J and our high school friend C) was Scattergories.

[Sidebar Alert: I can’t tell this story without mentioning the fabulousness that was P’s “Flock of Seagulls” haircut. A picture tells a thousand words…and I have that picture….somewhere]

P: Name 5 Famous Battles…ready go!

Me & M: Uh, Battle of Lexington & Concord?

P: Correct.

Me & M: Battle of Normandy?

P: Yes.

Me: Um, Battle of …? Uh, can’t think.

And this is where the game went south for us, forever in our memories, burned on our brains. What were the other answers?

Battle of the (wait for it) Bulge!

Battle of the (it was on the tip of your tongue, right?) Network Stars!

Ridic, I know! I believe this is exactly how it went down after the answers were revealed to us.

M: This game is bullshit.

And with that fond memory, I heretofore announce a new “famous battle” – the battle of the boobs. In the military, D-Day is the day in which a combat attack or operation is to be initiated. And this is no different!

Preparing for War:

We will be leaving the house at oh-eight-hundred to drop off the kids at school, and then we will head to our destination: CPMC.

More to come.


Miss J asked her 3rd grade class to wear pink today! How cute is that?



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  1. When you see the surgeon this morning tell him “There is something I’ve been meaning to get off my chest” That’s what I did on the way into my mastectomy.


  2. Jennifer, I am cheering you on today! I know with your humor, compassion, and courage you will win this battle!!! Good luck and know there is a village of love and healing energy surrounding you and your family.
    Lots of love,
    Wendy (Grossman)

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