Pre-Op Update

I’m sitting in my pre-op room with M and they’ve taken my vital signs, asked for my weight and height (that extra half inch IS important) and I’ve signed a few things. I told the nurse – who shares my birthday (good omen!) that M is my Sherpa for the day but she had to write down ‘husband’ on the intake form since they didn’t have the option Sherpa. Oh well.

I wish I could describe properly the hospital gown I’m wearing. It’s like no other be seen. It’s lavender and insulated. They just plugged a tube into it which blows hot air into my body to keep me warm and toasty. I can’t decide whether it looks like something from Lost where the Others practiced medicine in the Swan Station or an alternative vibrator.

(I’m just vain enough not to post a picture M took of me since I look like the Michelin Man or Stay Puff Marshmellow in this device)

My surgery is at 10:55. I will leave the pre op room and go to another room just before then. I’m happy to report that the wonderful Dr S will be my anesthesiologist (husband of C’s 1st grade teacher the amazing Ms. S).

Even better news? A huge shout out to ED who shares my obsession for the Isabel Marant launch at H&M today, she scored me the two items I most coveted from the collection just moments before it sold out!!! Wooo hoo! Just because a girl is in the hospital for surgery doesn’t mean that she can’t go shopping. Right?

The next update will be from M.



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  1. It totally fits the theme of your blog that you’d be shopping right before surgery. 🙂 Glad I could score the items for you! So happy to hear the surgery went well. Wishing you a super speedy recovery!

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