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Call it anesthesia amnesia – but the last 72 hours have been a blur. I woke up today in the hospital (love it when they wake you at 5:00 am and say “Blood draw!” – such a calming way to start the day) scrambling to set my lineup for my fantasy football team, only to realize later it was Saturday and not Sunday! Oopsies.

My 2-night, 3-day stay at CPMC was filled with memorable milestones: sometime yesterday afternoon I had mastered the art of getting out of bed and walking to the bathroom sans assistance and sans bedpan. And by the end of last night, I was cruising around the hallway of the 3rd floor and broke the record for most laps in a 15 minute period. (The nursing staff promised they’d create a special plaque for me.) It’s the small victories that count people!

I also managed to get more sleep last night which meant more than 3 hours of uninterrupted dreams. (For some reason I kept dreaming about my new Isabel Marant Jacket that ED scored for me from H&M, and our dog Lucky.)  Another notable feat was finishing an entire movie on my iPad without falling asleep. In between laps, walks to the bathroom, and dozing, I also had a very busy social life to manage on the 3rd floor! I was very popular with the nurses and we bonded by sharing whispered secrets in the middle of the night together by the glow from the LED IV-machine: someone’s getting a tummy tuck in a few months, someone is pregnant with their first child, and someone has a famous relative…but I can’t tell you because it’s all in the vault.

Okay – twist my arm. I’ll give you one bread crumb. My morning nurse was wearing a 49ers hoodie with a signature on the back and I asked her who signed it. She told me it was Anquan Boldin. I asked if she knew him, and she said “Yeah – he’s my nephew!”

How freakin cool is that? 

So we chatted for a bit about his experience with the 49ers vs the Ravens, and so on. I was totally star struck. When I mentioned this juicy morsel to M, he said “Did you tell her he’s been screwing my fantasy team this year?” Uh, no. I thought it was best not to go there.

But with  this abundance of good news – wouldn’t you’d think I’d be doing a little jig? After all, I was discharged and came home this afternoon! Hooray, right? A cause for celebration, yes?

Not quite. I have now entered the stage what we shall refer to as “Poopwatch 2013”.  It’s a modern day “Waiting for Godot”. I’ll spare you the gritty details of my uncomfy bowel situation (and I know all of you who have had surgery are nodding your heads and wincing with painful recognition of what happens when painkillers meet antibiotics), and let’s just say that I’m laser-focused on the getting to the bottom of this. (pun unintended, but welcomed)

For those who are looking for a segue into more pressing matters, here it is.

What’s next:

  • I’m under strict doctor’s orders to take it easy and rest for the time being. No lifting, no housework, no problem!
  • I’m tightly wrapped with ace bandages and have 4 gorgeous drains (2 on each side). Two will likely be removed at my appointment on Friday.
  • I’m taking percoset for pain, keflex for antibiotics, and ativan for sleep.
  • We should get the official pathology report by the end of the week; I have an appointment with my oncologist next Monday and we will go over the plan. Breast cancer is treated typically in 3 stages: 1) identifying and removing the cancer 2) treatment 3) prevention. With this surgery, I have taken care of #1 and #2, so we are looking at #3.

Thank you for all the phone calls, texts, emails, and notes! We are truly feeling the love and tremendous support from our  giant network of family and friends both near and far.

And for those of you who have asked me how they can help – I have a movie recco request. Click here to learn more.



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  1. Congrats on getting home! So much better there. I’m sure they’ve given you Senna for the deuce but if not: senna, senna, senna…it’s the shi-zat. Pun intended. So happy you are through #1 & #2. What a relief. Go Jen! xo

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