Before and after

Close your eyes and let me paint you a picture.

Six days post op. No showers. No baths. (modified sponge baths to wash the necessary bits and parts) Limited mobility. Limited range of motion with my arms. Sleeping on my back for 7 nights. Sweaty and hot from the painkillers; itchy and rashy from the antibiotics.

Now, open your eyes.


Hello gorgeous

So this is me. My cray hair, bandages, bruises and all.

Ok, close your eyes again. Now picture two fab friends (one of whom, as a fellow tribe member, has thickish non-straightish hair like me) who knew how badly I was in need of a proper hair wash and blow-dry and called The Blow Dry Bar to the rescue to make an emergency house call. (‘Cuz it’s all about ‘tude, right? If you look good, then you feel good! Everyone knows this.) I cannot explain the happiness that is a good hair day. Especially following 6 bad hair days.

And voila!



Thank you C and D for making a gal feel pretty. Oh happy day!

More gratitude:

  • For DB for transporting black market “meds” across town lines from one cancer gal to another
  • To KC for not only showering us with yum food from Comforts and Bartons, but for rearranging my shoe shelves with me today (clean closet…clean mind)
  • To FFM for 3 Ls: listening, laundry and laughs
  • To LKS for taking The Intern out on a walk despite the weather
  • To PR for being one of the 5
  • To EJ for being my FF Guinea Pig and errand girl
  • To the tag team of Cindy/Marcia for herding the cattle and doing the dirty stuff
  • To LS, BW and LW for Team Gins swagger wagon rides



7 Responses

  1. Thanks SO much for doing this blog and for handling all of this with so much bravery and sass. I’ve found reading it really, really powerful and moving. And yes, the hair looks great.

  2. Jen,

    Beautiful! Perfect use of the blow out bar, at home even better! The kids and I saw your cute family at the doctors on Tuesday, good to see them. xo

  3. As I told you yesterday (when I showed up after the blow-out), you look GREAT!! So happy with the pathology report and so happy to repay you and finally clean out your closet. I look forward to my next visit!! XO

  4. your “bad hair” before shot is better than my good hair day. Thrilled to hear your good report, and sense of humor still fully in tact!

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