Holiday Humor + Spirit

They say humor is the best medicine. I don’t doubt it. There’s nothing better than laughing so hard your stomach hurts, or tears stream down your face, or you pee in your pants…wait a minute. Scratch that. Let’s start again.


They say that humor is….oh fuck it. I’ll admit it. I have, on occasion, in a fit of uncontrollable giggles, not managed to make it to the bathroom on time. True story.

And in times of great stress, worry, sadness and grief, often laughter can relieve some of the pressure and provide a much-needed current programming intermission.

Everyone’s humor is different and what I find knock-your-socks-off-wet-yourself-hilarious might not exactly be your cup of tea. And visa-versa.

Last spring, in my Great Search for fashion blogs, I came across Ain’t No Mom Jeans –  a blog dedicated to helping empower women to feel good about their “momdrobe” by mixing high/low fashion and injecting current trends. I was immediately sold by Shana’s wit, gorgeous fashion pics, great advice and how-to’s. I became a loyal reader. And when Shana was diagnosed with Stage 1 Breast Cancer in June, like many of her fans, I was shocked and devastated.  I became even more engrossed with her journey as she chronicled the good, the bad, the ugly and yes, the funny, of breast cancer.

Three weeks ago, I reached out to Shana via her blog and she wrote me back and we chatted on the phone. Since then we’ve emailed back and forth and she’s been an invaluable resource for me as I faced a bilateral mastectomy just like she had faced this summer.  And for that, I am enormously grateful for, and touched by her openness to share her story with me.

Today, she posed the question that’s floated around in my mind in recent days:

What do you do when the holiday season comes on the tail of cancer?  When you’ve taken such a beating, your reflection makes you cringe, and your exhaustion level rivals those newborn days?

Two immediate choices come to mind:

1) Skip the Holiday Cards (likely our path)

2) Own it with a little cancer humor.

Like this:


How freaking awesome is her card?

Because as she posted, “Nothing says Holidays like laughing at oneself”. She offered up other clever word plays such as:

  • Here’s to the breast year ever!
  • Peace. Joy. Wigs.
  • Wishing you the breast of everything in 2014!
  • Have the breast Christmas ever!

So three cheers for Shana, her bravery, her humor and her awesome blog. (Which was the inspiration for my blog.  Because of course Cancer and Fashion go together like peanut butter and jelly, don’t you think?)

So now that we’ve covered the Cancer portion, here is the Fashion portion of today’s musings. Check out more uh-mazying Holiday gift ideas here. Be prepared to drool.



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