marking milestones

It’s hard to believe it’s been a week + 2 days since my surgery.  While I still have a long road to recovery ahead of me, I am now able to look in the rear-view mirror behind me.

What’s changed? In general, I’ve experienced some small improvements with pain, muscle soreness, range of motion and stamina. This by no way means I am operating at 100%, or even 50% – I’m still easily wiped out and sore, but I am getting better each day little by little. Big Yay.

And so in the spirit of recognizing my many and varied accomplishments as of Day 9, here  goes:

JG’s list of awesomeness 

  1. Still sleeping on my back, but now using pillows to prop a little more on my side. Victory!
  2. Down from 2 pain pills every 3-4 hours to 2 pain pills every 5-6 hours. (I tried reducing to 1 pill, that was a brutal 24 hour experiment.)
  3. I’ve not only faced down and won the battle that was PW2013 with determination, but I’ve also successfully managed to keep PW 2013 Part II at bay.
  4. Getting out of bed and out of my Command Center Chair (for the most part) by myself. Ah! Independence!
  5. Leaving the house for the first time Friday to go to the Dr’s in the city.
  6. Getting 2 drains (I have 2 more left) removed.
  7. Increased breath intake without massive pain.
  8. Can’t. Keep. Me. From. Shopping. I was exhausted from yesterday’s mini adventure 1-hr adventure, but it was so worth it to stock up on Holiday gifts and wear real clothes and shoes out in the world.
  9. Increased tolerance to convalescing at Casa Gins. [See Morris, Craig].
  10. Operation Tivo Clean Up is well underway and I’m steadily making progress starting from light/trashy and working up to  drama/suspense. Since last Saturday, I’ve managed to knock out: 6 eppys of HIMYM; 3 eppys Housewives Beverly Hills (Um. Wicca?);  6 eppys Nashville; and 4 eppys The Mindy project. Those of you who still lament the 9 eppys of unwatched season 3 Scandal on my TV can suck it. 

Clearly, I’m a half full kind of gal, but there have been some challenges including:

  1. Skin rash that has spread from my shoulders, and back to my breasts. Not sure what the itchy red dots are from whether it’s a reaction to the antibiotics (Cephalexin) or the Painkillers (Oxycodone-Acetaminophen). Anyone know? I’ll call my Dr tomorrow or Monday.
  2. Difficulty falling asleep. I’ve got a pharmacy stocked to help me out in this department, but it’s hard to get “comfy” in bed right away, which results in late-night-owl-itus.
  3. Increased bickering with M. My Medical House Arrest means I sit in my CCC all day and bark out orders. He’s quickly tiring of my yelling and constant demands (I need toilet paper! Can you feed the dog? I need water! Please help her shampoo her hair! You cannot put that in the microwave!) and I’m having difficulty relinquishing control and not micro-managing in my pjs.
  4. The Unknown. I’m a planner by nature and it’s a challenge not to know when I’ll feel better, if I’ll be able to do something, and what’s exactly in store and when. We are meeting with the Oncologist on Monday, so that should hopefully fill in a few of the blanks.

I said this was a blog about my CJ one outfit at a time, and I would remiss if I did not back it up with evidence. A word about today’s creative ensemble: I was needing to put on healing cream, so I didn’t want anything to rub or chafe against my chest while it seeped in. This is my “Stevie Nicks meets Resort Chic” look. You like?




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  1. Yes, I like! You look fantastic and glad to hear things are getting better. Love the blog and being able to keep up on your recovery. Sending love and hugs,

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