am I thankful?

Potential ‘Debbie Downer’ alert: at first blush, it’s hard to get fired up about celebrating a holiday in which we give thanks.  I’ll be honest, there’s a part of me that wants to just shut the door on Thanksgiving, skip it, do not pass go and collect $200 and just not celebrate it this year. Can’t we shift the paradigm of saying thanks and express what we’re NOT thankful for this year? In that case, being diagnosed with breast cancer at 42, enduring a bilateral mastectomy, dealing with breast reconstruction delays, facing potential chemotherapy in 3 weeks, and not feeling 100% would top my list of “What I’m not thankful for.”

It’s been difficult to find the silver linings as I’m neither cancer free,  a breast-cancer survivor, nor finished with treatment. I’m still knee-deep in the hoopla (Yes, a cringe-worthy reference to 1985 Jefferson Starship album which released the ubiquitous and constantly-replayed  “We Built this City” – a mainstay of KFOG & Dave Morey’s Friday the 13th “Hits from Hell”) It’s compounded even further when I’m not feeling well.

So if I can’t be thankful for my health (or, I just gotta say it – my scrappy fantasy football team) this year, that leaves me searching in other directions.  When it comes to family and friends, I clearly hit the jackpot. You guys are the BEST (and deserving of all caps and an exclamation point)! There’s no way I can properly covey the extent of my gratitude for your thoughtfulness, generosity, kindness, love and support that you’ve demonstrated in a myriad of ways:

  • picking up my kids to take them to school
  • schlepping them to basketball or singing class
  • taking the Intern on walks
  • delivering off yum meals
  • popping in to visit and entertain
  • dropping off gifts + baked goods
  • driving me places
  • suggesting must-see TV shows
  • granting me temporary membership to the IBTC (Thank you Presidents BW + PR and the other committee members for the vote-in)
  • accompanying me to Dr’s appointments
  • and checking in to say hello

You guys totally rock and for that I am eternally grateful.



ps. It’s the Intern’s Birthday today! He’s either 1 or 7, we don’t know. Here are a few pics of the birthday boy to enjoy. He tops the list of what I am thankful for!

IMG_0018 IMG_0014

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  1. So much about breast cancer just sucks and reading what you are going through just brings it all back. Being 12 years out from all the shit I had to go through just amazes me! I had a mastectomy, months of chemotherapy, 25 radiation treatments and several unsuccessful reconstruction surgeries and you know what? It all just sucked so I get where you’re coming from and I didn’t have any young children at home to deal with. Take care and be well and allow yourself to bitch and wine and cry.


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