Shop local Saturday

Now I don’t mean to brag, but I did my part today supporting the local economy. (Did you?) Armed with my sherpa-chauffuer J, we popped over to San Anselmo and then back to Corte Madera to hit up a few independent retailers for Shop Local Saturday.  This was a big outing for me – we left the house at 10, and I was home and firmly ensconced in my Command Center Chair by 1pm. Exhausted and quite pleased with myself and my purchases, I’ve spent the last few hours of the afternoon clearing out my Tivo and watching college football.

Small miracle alert: It’s quiet here at Casa Gins – the guys went from birthday party to a friend’s house, Miss J is managed to negotiate an afternoon of making rainbow loom bracelets into a sleepover, and M is at the Stanford game. This is a rarity so I’m cherishing every moment of peacefulness, just The Intern and me.

[And in an unprecedented game-changing move that I would have never predicted, M went and bought himself a hoodie at the game. By himself. So he and his friend M are are quite the matched set. Twinners, even!]


Let’s consider how super pumped M will be when he finds out I put this photo of him on my blog

While we wait for the Oncotype results, I will make use of this waiting game time and seek a second opinion. I have an appointment with my plastic surgeon on Monday, fingers crossed that we can move forward and my skin is healing properly. For your edification and amusement, here is an excellent article I found on the Oncotype Test and what it means.




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