a small hiccup

Hard to believe but true, I’m up before dawn. (Even with the eye mask and ear plugs, sleep has eluded me.) I’ve been having trouble  sleeping, and I thought I’d licked it when I went to bed at 11:30 pm last night (which is hours + hours earlier than my usual recent curfew), but when I woke up at 4:30 am, that’s when it hit me: uh oh. I’ve got the makings of an entire pharmacy by my bed (ambien, ativan anyone?) but because I needed to be ready for the day by 7:45 am, I didn’t take either. Bad move. Mistakes were made.

So now it’s me and The Intern in the kitchen in this cold (heat doesn’t come on until 6:30) and dark house. Not yay.

Yesterday was a big day – a walk to the Village Mall with MW and The Intern for lunch and back (that’s a total of 3 walks in 3 days!) and then to my doctor’s appointment in the city. While my right breast is healing nicely, they are still concerned about my left breast. Without going into the nitty-gritty gory details, I need to go back on Wednesday for surgery to fix the area that is not healing well. It’s important to do this to prevent infection. The reconstruction/fill process is on hold until this matter is taken care of. So it’s a little detour…

It’s a relatively easy and quick procedure – which should last no more than an hour –  I’ll report to CPMC on Wednesday at 8:30 am for my 10:00 surgery, and should be home by 1:30-2:00 at the latest. To say the least, this cramps my new walking fitness plan, and to say the most, I’m not exactly pumped about recovering from surgery/anesthesia et al. But, the silver lining here is that we’re taking swift action in order to make way for progress down the road.

It’s been some time since I’ve given a proper TV status update: I’ve now made it through and am all caught up on Housewives Beverly Hills, HIMYM, Nashville, The Good Wife, Revenge, and The Blacklist. Impressed? You should be – I worked hard to get where I am today. And now, I will turn my attention back to OMG-it’s-so-good Scandal. No spoilers please!



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