Back in surgery

Today starts out like any normal Wednesday – I wake up early to check my fantasy waiver wire acquisitions (curses LS you stole my streaming Defense this week!) and make some more tweaks which I will undoubtedly regret later. It’s what I do people! And while I’m sure you didn’t really want to hear all the deets about my mediocre rise to the top in my fantasy league with my less than stellar team, I’ll just leave you with two words: playoffs week!

But I digress. This morning continued like no other where M and I dually navigate the well-choreographed dance that is our hectic morning routine: finding kids’ shoes, making breakfast, signing permission slips, preparing snacks, flagging down kids who think that 50 degrees and sunny in December means it’s perfectly appropriate to wear shorts and a t-shirt, and yelling random obscenities like “Don’t forget your sweatshirt!” Ahhh. Such quality family bonding time. We’ll cherish these rushed moments later I suppose.

We reported to CPMC at 8:30 and we are now back on the 4th floor again. Just like old times. I was just here two weeks ago so I know the drill and I’m back in my lavender “bear paws” hospital gown that connects to a tube shooting warm air around my body. Yep, still too vain to post a pic of that.

But I will post a pic of my going to surgery outfit. It’s all about comfort. Admittedly I took a little fashion risk by wearing my ugg slippers out in the world. They look just like moccasins so I figured there was little risk of committing a major fashion faux pas. Que sera, sera.

My surgery starts at 10, I should be finished by 11, and in recovery by 12. Home around 2-3.




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  1. Thinking good thoughts for you Jen! Big hugs! XOXO
    P.S. Love the Ugg slippers…I just ordered a pair last week & can’t wait for them to arrive.

  2. Thinking of you Peaches. Hope all goes well… looking for you driving up the street right now. xo Alicia

    PS, Scott wouldn’t, but I totally approve of the Ugg slippers out in the world. I prefer to never remove mine.

  3. hope you are home and comfy in your control chair soon. I had to pack my ugg slippers away as spencer won’t let go of them.
    much love to you. xo

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