staying in the present

Last night I pushed myself, took a shower, got dressed and headed out to Miss J’s musical performance. It wasn’t an easy task to pull off, but I’m so glad I did. She did such a great job – and she loved every minute in the spotlight when she was on stage. I was very happy to be able to share in her joy and enthusiasm.

IMG_0021Despite the recent setback from Wednesday’s surgery,  unfortunate news of the test results mishap and reconstruction plans delay, I am trying to adopt a new outlook.  A fellow “cancer girl” suggested that I might consider using this limbo time to just enjoy the status quo and relish in the “ignorance is bliss” concept. And I think that’s what I’m gonna try to do! At the present moment there are silver linings: I have not been officially been ordered to do chemo, my expander is repaired, my range of motion is improving, my hair is clean and freshly blow-dried (thank you JB for coming over yesterday for a house-call!) and I’m kicking back in my chair, watching football. A good Sunday.

The only doctor’s appointment I have this week is to get stitches out on Friday. So I’ll try to take a break and take off my “cancer patient” hat and instead put back on my “mom”, “volunteer”, “football tweaker” and “online shopper” hats on this week. And to that end, check out my reccos for adding holiday sparkle to your ensemble.



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  1. Love this pic…will you email or text it to me. Adorabale….A Happy Family celebrating a very talented Miss J (or course I am totally objective here). xoxox

  2. Yay, Miss J! Yay, Jen! Wonderful advice from C friend. Good advice for everyone on a daily basis, really. Totally inspirational. Thanks for that. xo

    1. What a terrific photo – look at the pure JOY there.. Glad you are putting a positive spin on it – keep on doing that.. You look terrific too 🙂

      Your Faithful CG

  3. Good to see your smiling & beautiful face! I have been thinking of you lots, and wishing you all the strength you can muster. xoxox

  4. You look beautiful and the smile on Julia’s face is worth so much! I loved this entry, it’s so inspirational and one day at a time is a life long practice!! Xxxoooooo

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