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We got the Oncotype results back a few days ago. This gave us time to confer with 3 different oncologists – we saw the last one today – who weighed in on a treatment plan. My score was at the “bottom end” of the “undetermined” range. Sigh.

You’ll recall that there are 3 buckets: low risk/benefit to doing chemo, high risk/benefit and ‘unknown.’ That’s my bucket: unknown.  There is some disagreement about what my score actually means – whether it is a scaled score (I was 19 and it goes 1-18: low, 19-30 unknown; 31+ high) or whether it is not. Given my grade, size, stage, ER/PR status and HER2 status, it’s very likely that I would benefit from hormone therapy alone. (My ER/PR is “very positive” more than 5 is positive and I am 85 which means I would respond very, very well to hormone therapy – essentially “starving” any potential cancer “offspring” cells from growing or doing bad things.) However, given my ki67 score (high) and my age (low), there’s a perceived benefit to doing chemotherapy.

All 3 oncologists at least agree: the decision is mine and I could go either way. Oh joy.

So, we are running one more test (a more comprehensive genomic test that examines 70 genes vs 21 genes of the Oncotype) that we hope will be the tie-breaker and final decision-maker. This test will take 5-7 days to run, plus adding time to send tissue samples etc. So we’re looking at 2 weeks more. Of waiting.



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  1. Sending hugs from the east coast- nothing worse for a to-do list’er than to be in flux. Know that we all love you and are thinking about you. And so thankful that this is now a crappy J and no longer a CJ.
    Cousin A

  2. My name is Jennifer Broughton, I live in Seattle and I am a long time friend of Anka Paine. I was diagnosed with breast cancer almost a year and a half ago at 44. I was ER/PR + and my oncatype score was 22. It was the hardest decision to make, chemo or no chemo. We met with several oncologists and one did a Mammoprint which then helped make our decision. I would be happy to talk with you. This decision was by far the hardest to make. jmbroughton@msn.com

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