Surprise: Back in the Hospital again

How’s this for super fun? I’ve been admitted into the Hospital so they can hook me up to an IV to deliver a super dose of antibiotics. How did I get here, you might be asking?

After 2 blissful days in Sonoma with M sans our usual entourage, I drove onto the city for my appointment with Dr K. I’ve been going in every few days so they could drain fluid from my left side.  Today the Dr grew concerned so they admitted me to the Hospital. I’m supposed to be here for 48 hours. Totally burnt, I know.

But wait – it gets better! (Not)

I had to wait for nearly 2 hours to get into my room, and then was given a room that has another bed. Not 15 minutes later, they roll in a woman straight from surgery across from me. She starts moaning and throwing up. M was visiting me at the time this circus started and we both started giggling uncontrollably.

Me: “This is so burnt. I can’t imagine anything worse than this! Sharing a room with someone and now she’s barfing near me!”

M: “Maybe you and your new roomie will become besties….”

Me: “I know! We’ll braid each other’s hair! We’ll stay up all night! We’ll share secrets about boys!”

Jokes aside and leaving my new BFF out of it, I then was greeted by the IV technician. I warned him that where he was about to venture, others had failed. (You’ll recall that I had to be poked 3x at my MRI, 2x at my bilateral mastectomy and 2x at my 2nd surgery.) And this time was no different – equally painful, difficult and unsuccessful. So he tried again. But not before I asked him if he was “the closer” – he said he wasn’t sure but he’d call one if he wasn’t.

He eventually succeeded. And skipped out of my room proud of himself and chanting, “Well I guess I am the closer!”

So here I am. Waiting for my iPad to download “The Heat” so I can watch it, listening to my stomach growl because they forgot to order my dinner and the kitchen is closed, listening to my BFF hack up a lung and feeling sorry for myself that I’ll be ringing in the New Year here and I turn on the TV and it’s….High School Musical 3. Why, hello old friend! Nice to see you Zac Efron.




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  1. That is such bullshit. Hospital for New Years! I’m all for taking care of yourself, but jeeze. Thank goodness for TV, the internet and, well, the people who are looking after you. L a m e.

  2. Ugh that sucks. I always get mad at the boys for saying that but really that sucks. But thank goodness for laughs and you couldn’t pick a better movie to download. Funny!!! Hang in there and hopefully those drugs will kick in faster than 48 hours. XXOO

  3. Gosh dangit, so not fair!!! Bet you are ready to leave 2013 behind….onward sista….thinking of you (spent Xmas in kaiser with my madre….she comisserates….they tried 19x to IV her)…..ask for the closer first time!!! Lots of love to you!!!

  4. Oh man Jen, so sorry! I feel like I’m having déjà vu. I just visited my friend Leah today at MGH who also just had to be admitted to get IV antibiotics. She got an infection from Lymphadema and will also be there for New Year’s. That just sucks. Love that you and Mike can giggle at the craziness of all of it. You’re an inspiration and we’re all thinking of you and sending love.
    Lynn, Bud, Charlie and Zach

  5. Never a dull moment in the life of a breast cancer survivor!! It does sound like they are being very careful with you which is really good!! Look at it this way…at least you’ve got great material to help with your story!!!

  6. Bye bye 2013, hello to a brighter and healthier 2014, you are an inspiration Jen and are incredibly strong. I shall raise a glass for you tomorrow and thank you for making me get a mammogram a few weeks ago after a 6 yr break, all clear thankfully. Happy New Year, it’s going to be a good one for you 🙂

  7. So sorry to hear you’re back in the hospital! Here’s hoping your stay is swift and you’re back home soon! Happy New Year!

  8. So sorry you’re back in, that’s terrible!! And I always say there’s no good way to spend New Year’s Eve anymore. There are far better ways than this! Hope your immediate environs improve and that the wifi is awesome. xo

  9. Ugh – so sorry to hear this! Having a bad roomie makes the whole thing even worse, though at least she’s good material for your blog! We had a game-show-watching, bad joke telling, no-visitors lonely guy that we were only able to dodge when our favorite nurse took pity on us and got R on the private room waiting list. Here’s to hoping you can get relocated for your second 24 stint. In the meantime… maybe a good set of headphones? Here’s to a better 2014!

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