The human pincushion

Oh happy day! I’ve just been given orders by Dr K and the head of Infectious Diseases that I can go home today. This comes after news that the culture after 18 hours is negative. So far, so good. Given my issues with keeping an IV line in, this means relief for my poor right arm which has nearly been rendered immobile from all the attempts.

For those of you keeping track at home, I’ve been stabbed 6 times for IV and 3 times for blood draws. Ouchies!  Last night I developed an allergic reaction to the IV with a huge red welt and they had to remove the old line and draw a new one. More misses and more demands from me to get the “Closer” – but no one ever believes me. I managed to complete bag #3 last night and bag #4 this morning before the new line got sore and developed a red welt. So given the issues with my veins, the issues of keeping a line in, the fact that no one is here on New Years Day to install a PICC Line which is what I’ll need next time, and my good response to the antibiotics, I am cleared to go home with a new prescription of meds and told to return to Dr K on Friday. Yay.

What’s next:

Hopefully the culture will continue to not grow any bacteria. If that’s not the case, we are looking at surgery to remove the expander on the left side. This would postpone any reconstruction plans by an additional 2 months as I would not be able to have surgery to put a new expander in until after 2 months. This is the scenario I am hoping to avoid!

In related unfortunate news, I found out that the test results from the Mammaprint test have been delayed (ugh)  until next week as they need to rerun the test. Obviously, this is a tremendous bummer to hear and I feel as though I can’t seem to catch a break here since November 14. I’ve experienced numerous delays and complications and mishaps and I’m not where I expected to be on January 1. It’s extremely disappointing and quite frustrating.

I know I should be grateful for my stage 1 diagnosis, no lymph node involvement and the recent news that I can go home today after spending the last 2 days – including New Years Eve – in the hospital – and believe me, I am! But I’m also tired and emotionally drained from staying positive against the backdrop of the unknown, remaining calm in the middle of chaos, and above all, accepting nothing in my CJ is within my control. For someone who thrives on planning ahead and enjoys the normalcy of an organized life, the fact that I can’t control this part of my journey is a tremendous challenge for me – as it is for most people facing their own CJs.

Happy 2014! I know what I’m hoping this new year brings: health, happiness, normalcy and time spent with loved ones.

Here is a picture of my right arm. Enjoy!




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  1. I completely understand as I went through so much of the same shit. After chemo my veins collapsed and now every time I go in to give blood I always tell them that I am a tough draw and I get the closer ever time the first time. It all just sucks!!!


  2. Yay for home. I bet you are tired. And you’d lose credibility as an author if you were positive allllll the time. XO

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