I’ve been home for 3 days – hooray.  Since I drove myself to the Dr’s office on Monday and then was subsequently admitted, I ended up driving myself home on Wednesday afternoon.  I had a pretty quiet Thursday and then back to see Dr K on Friday morning to check in.

The fluid – in what appears to be a seroma – has accumulated again. He drained more than 100 cc’s from my left breast with a syringe. I don’t know why I’m producing so much fluid, and why my body is not absorbing it.  Apparently, it’s not uncommon for seroma formation to occur more in older women and often more in women with larger breasts. (Uh, I’m 1 for 2 here…right?) The redness has not improved or subsided since I left the hospital on Wednesday even though I’m religiously taking my new antibiotics around the clock 4x a day. I will go back on Monday and will see where we are. He cultured the fluid to see if there is an infection. So far, I have not tested positive for an infection from Tuesday’s culture in the hospital or Friday’s culture.

We are now discussing Plan B which involves a surgery to put a drain in place so fluid will not accumulate. This requires – yes, of course – an IV. I showed him my left arm, which is now badly bruised and painful to the touch and he promised we’d get “the best person” to give me an IV. I’m not sure if a PICC line is something we are looking at anymore given that it’s surgery vs IV fluid protocol. So more stabs – sigh. The surgery could be as soon as Tuesday or Wednesday. And before I can move forward with reconstruction (fills, expander exchange surgery, etc) or with systemic treatment/prevention (i.e. chemotherapy), this has to get resolved. In fact, I’ve read that any irritation or infection or problem will dilute the efficacy of the chemotherapy drugs.

But I’m getting ahead of myself – because we do not know whether chemotherapy is recommended or not as the Mammaprint test had to be rerun. It was submitted on December 19th, and we had been expecting it on December 31st, told it would be Friday January 3rd or Monday January 6th, and now I just heard it’s unlikely to be ready by Monday. So again, we wait.

We have some anxiety around starting chemotherapy sooner than later because it’s recommend to begin treatment within 6 weeks of surgery. I am now entering my 8th week of post surgery so any additional delays are not ideal. Dr H says “it’s not set in stone” that I need to begin within 6 weeks, but certainly I feel that these delays don’t put me at ease.

If you think all of this “hurry up and wait” news has me in rare form and high spirits (not) you’d be right. I’m taking out all of my frustrations on M and the kids and I’ve officially earned myself the aptly-self-titled “Meanest Person in Our Family” honor as there is no one safe from my snarkyness.





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  1. Serious. If I had fluid accumulating in a breast and a whole bunch of unknowns that were important to answer and a sore arm and all that other stuff…blah.

  2. I think meanest mom thing could also be the ” pre teen” thing!!!!! I’ve got it going on here too!!! Love you !!!

  3. A agree. You’re mean. Be mean, be angry, be frustrated, be snarky. You’ve earned the right. If you need to vent, you know who to call, text, or email. We would be happy to help M and the kids by allowing you to deflect some of that “mean” our way. Xoxo

  4. Waiting sucks I am sorry. I hope this week provides you with a feeling of progress. I am thinking of you and sending you daily love and prayers.

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