oh happy day

I’ll cut to the chase: my Mammaprint Results came back today. Low Risk.

[Pause for Happy Dance]

This means that my risk for recurrence after 10 years without any additional treatment is less than 10%. With systemic treatment, like Tamoxifen, it cuts the risk of recurrence in 10 years by 50%, to less than 5%.

[Pause for another Happy Dance]

The Mammaprint is more comprehensive than the Oncotype and is the 2nd generation of genomic testing for breast cancer genes and recurrence. For those interested in the whole story, I am more than well-versed to share the nitty-gritty (In my free time and on weekends, with the help of WebMD, Wikipedia and other internet sources, I have become a part time Oncologist and Plastic Surgeon…but of course, you knew that right?) but for now I will leave it at that. Obviously M and I are pleased as punch and I remarked after leaving UCSF to see Dr M, “This is the happiest I’ve been in 3 months.”

He agreed.

So Tamixofen, here I come! I realize it won’t be a total picnic (hello hot flashes and potential weight gain) but I’m ready. Bring it. I got this.

More good news – I am hoarding the good news bandwagon today – I went to see Dr K and while he removed 55 cc’s from my left side, the redness has definitely subsided. He’s very, very pleased and reported that the culture from Friday tested negative for bacteria. So I do not have any infection with the expander, although I still have the seroma. So while we are no longer looking at surgery to remove the expander, potential surgery to insert a drain back in is still on the table. (But a distant table, not like a nightstand, more like an end table…) I go back to see Dr K on Wednesday and Friday and we take it from there. He also removed my stitches today which means a hot bath is not in the too distant future. I haven’t been cleared yet, but no stitches is one step closer.


I’m incredibly grateful to have dodged the chemo bullet. And filled with such gratitude that the fog of my elusive rock bottom is slowly lifting. It reminds me of the folk tale of a man who seeks the wisdom of a wise man to find out what to do about his noisy house.  The wise man recommends that he every night add more animals: cows, sheep, etc – and then one by one remove them. At the end of the week, his formerly “noisy” house appears quiet to him and managable. I think about that parable often and feel like I’m living it now! When you add the possibility of chemotherapy to the mix on top of the complications I’ve experienced with breast reconstruction, 2nd surgery,  being in the hospital over New Years and the bruised arm from the IV, it’s overwhelming. But when you take the chemo out of the picture, suddenly the other stuff appears manageable.

Thank you all for your prayers, well wishes,  phone calls, sweet emails, and congratulatory texts….I’m utterly overwhelmed (in a positively good way) by the genuine love and support. You can’t imagine how it feels on this side of things to know you’re on our team and in our corner.

I think I’ll sleep well tonight!



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  1. Hi Jennifer, I have been reading your blog faithfully and following your journey over the past three months. I am absolutely thrilled about your good news. Good things happen to good people and this is proof! Enjoy this victory! I will be with your mama tomorrow and it will be wonderful sharing this great news with her. I hope to have a chance to see you soon!
    Lots of love,

  2. So happy you got such great news and seeing the little light at the end of this tunnel! Doing the Snoopy dance for you!!

  3. I left you a voicemail message, but I also wanted to write to you to let you know how happy I am to hear the great news. The Carrs, like you, are doing a happy dance!! Here’s to a healthy and happy 2014!! XO

  4. I have been sending my love through your Mom and hoping that you would get the results you did today! I just wanted you to know that I am one of the many people in your corner! Much love, Linda Reich

  5. OMG you were soooo due to catch a break, gf!! Celebrating with you! I’m gonna happy dance with Room A2 in your honor today!! So true….it’s all relative…..I pretty much learned 27 years ago when my mom had her accident that as long as no one I love is dying, things are pretty damn GOOD…….xoxoxo love to all – liza

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