More talk about boobs

Miss J can’t wait to get boobs. At nearly 9, (she’d want me to remind everyone that there are only 27 shopping days left until her birthday) she’s been asking for a bra for awhile now.

She’s not ready for a bra yet.

She’s waiting for hers to grow and in a strange ironic twist, so am I! While the guys are hardly aware of the change in my appearance specifically bust size, Miss J is hyper aware and we’ve had multiple discussions on the subject. I’ve explained to her that my operation to remove the cancer took away some of my boobs and that they will “grow back” just like hers will grow. This is not entirely untrue, as mine will grow from the assistance of weekly silicone fills from Dr K in my expanders, and hers will grow from the assistance of puberty.

Miss J: “Maybe we can go shopping for bras together!”

Me: “Maybe….”

Miss J: “That would be so much fun! You’ll get your boobs back and I’ll get my new boobs and we can get the same kind of bras that are matching.”

I’m wondering if they make Justin Bieber bras because that’s what she’s going to want us to get. Love this girl.

I returned to see Dr K on Wednesday morning and they were very excited with my progress on my left side. The redness is gone, I’m nearly finished with the 4th round of antibiotics, the swelling/tightness is not as big and they only extracted 8 cc’s from my breast. (Compared to 55 cc’s on Monday) Things appear to be looking up! So instead of coming back on Friday, I was given  reprieve and made an appointment to come back Monday morning with the caveat that if I noticed anything unusual to call or come in.  So far, so good. Hooray!

In related CJ news:

  • I’ve put a call into Sunflower Wellness so that I can get back on the exercise train in a supervised and healthy way. My range of movement is still limited, and I should not lift anything heavier than 20 lbs, but I’d like to explore core, strengthening and yoga.
  • My oncologist Dr M at UCSF called in my prescription of 20 mg daily of Tamoxifen and I’m to start taking it once we know I’m out of the woods with a potential surgery to insert a drain or remove my expander this week. We’ll know more on Monday.
  • I’m researching acupuncture treatments that will help with potential side effects from the Tamoxifen.
  • Still continuing my quest for safe personal care and beauty products.
  • I’m also making changes to my eating habits and which are aimed to reduce risks to breast cancer.




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  1. I’m so relieved. Forward progress! Yay! Don’t let Juju get her hands on Are You There It’s Me Margaret?…or do, she’d probably get it! xoxo

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