understanding product labels

My quest to find safe beauty and personal care products has been a bumpy one. The regular so-called “Dermatologist Tested,” “Hypo-Allergenic,” “Fragrance-Free,”  “Non-Comedogenic,” and “100% Natural,” products aren’t what they advertise to be and are chock-full of harmful ingredients. What’s further confusing is that different ingredients are harmful for different reasons, provide greater risks for different reactions and are linked with different conditions, so it’s not as easy as a “One Size Fits All” scenario.

Friends have asked me to provide a list of all of the things they should avoid and I’m more than happy to do that! I’m excited that people are interested in my journey to finding healthier alternatives to use on their face and body.  But it’s important to understand that the ingredients I am trying to avoid or limit exposure to are for the most part ones that are either known carcinogens, have links with breast cancer, or affect endocrine (hormone) activity. Those may not be your priority. You might be more motivated to find products that are not animal tested, or reduce other hazards. No judgies…honest!


Cliff Notes Version 

If you’re not down with reading each list, memorizing the items of potentially harmful ingredients, and then pulling out all of your products from your cabinets and drawers, I don’t blame you.  [It was a massive time suck, believe me!] Here’s my Cliff Notes version of the list of things to consider avoiding or reducing exposure.

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