taking control

One thing I seem to be able to count on about my CJ is that it’s never predictable. My path has been long, bumpy and has diverted into unexpected pitstops we didn’t plan for. I remember when I was first diagnosed in October, doing the math (no jokes please) and calculating that with the surgery, recovery and reconstruction, I’d be back on the tennis courts by February.

I’m nowhere near where I thought I’d be. And I’m not even on a stair master, let alone a tennis court!

Not that I’m not grateful for my silver linings – believe me I am – but I can’t help but feel anxious, ready to move in the direction of progress, and look back in the rear-view mirror from the past few months.

So in the meantime, while I wait for my left breast to heal, wait to get the green light to start my expander “fills”, wait to find out whether I need another surgery to put in a drain, wait to start Tamoxifen… I’ve decided to get busy with other aspects of my CJ. Keeping busy, doing research, and exploring complementary integrated therapies and treatments make me feel proactive and help me feel that I’m taking (ok, at least some!) control back.

Last week I went to see an acupuncturist I’l be seeing regularly to help with any potential side effects from the Tamoxifen. I’m also taking a probiotic since I was on antibiotics for 3 months plus the 3-day IV infusions around New Years. This will help my body get back on track. And on the food side of things, I’ve been working with a nutritionist and reading up a lot on foods to avoid and foods to increase so that I can reduce endocrine (hormone) production.

This week’s sharing:

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