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new injury & new purchases

Shout out to my homegirls from the IBTC – you know who you are so I won’t list your initials here. I’ve found 2 essential undergarments that will rock your world. [But first, an injury status report.] Last week my activity level hit an all-time high: I played tennis three times, (or, ran around the

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what I’ve learned

I have a crazy memory. Details, dates, conversations and lastly, what I was wearing I can easily muster up without much effort. I’ve always down-played it, in part to to lessen its “oddness” or make me look less like a freaky stalker. “No it was December. I know this. You were wearing those jeans with

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let the fills begin!

Yes, I’m going to go there. M and I went to see Dr K on Monday – after what I had sarcastically called “a two week time out.” In reality, they wanted me to wait to return to see if my left side had healed before we could start filling my expanders with more saline.

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the ultimate catch-22

Three weeks on Tamoxifen and I’m feeling okay. I’ve managed to navigate the occasional hot flashes and episodes of night sweats. Given the list of known side effects include joint and bone pain, moodiness and headaches I consider myself lucky. Except for one thing. Acne. In the cruelest joke ever, at 42, I am now

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managing lists

I’m an expert list-maker. I always have been. I’ve got crazy mad skills in list making. Just ask any of my friends who have enjoyed the fruits of my labors from any of my archived packing lists. Besides the ubiquitous and never-ending “to-do” list, I’ve got others: house projects, money,  school foundation, fantasy football waiver

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