let the fills begin!

Yes, I’m going to go there.

M and I went to see Dr K on Monday – after what I had sarcastically called “a two week time out.” In reality, they wanted me to wait to return to see if my left side had healed before we could start filling my expanders with more saline. This two week break was a complete change for me, as I had previously grown accustomed to coming in every few days or at least once a week.

“If you miss me, you can always face-time me!” I offered to Dr K, the PA and the office staff at my last visit on January 23rd.

I’m sure you won’t be shocked to hear they didn’t face-time me.

So, more than 2 weeks later, M and I were back in the waiting room, waiting to see if Today Would Be The Day that reconstruction would “Officially” begin.  You’ll remember when I had my surgery in November after they removed the breast tissue on both sides, they placed expanders in that have ports so you can gradually fill them over time. This gradual approach allows the skin to stretch and minimizes complications. When I left the hospital I was filled to 250 ccs each. I have no idea honestly, what that means but I can assure you it was barely an A-cup.

I happily emailed a select few of my friends (you know who you are) with my “application” for membership to the Itty Bitty Titty Committee.  I assured them that I had the criteria they sought for membership, would act in accordance with any by-laws or CCRs and would be an asset to this elite group of women whose own assets were, well, minimal. It was a down-to-the-wire vote, but they agreed to let me in, on temporary basis, with no voting rights, knowing full well that I would be in the not-too-distant-future, surpassing their status as IBTC members.

But my so-called temporary status in A-land was put to the test when the complications with my left breast developed, and I had to have a second surgery in December. Dr K replaced the expander on that side, and only put 100 ccs in. Over time as I experienced issues with a seroma and infection, they took it down to 15 on my left and down to 200 on my right. So I’ve been uneven for awhile. Super fun. (Nothing that a Genie Bra won’t hide – thanks MH!)

You can imagine my excitement at the possibility – finally – of moving forward with the fills. They put 50 ccs on my left. It will take a few weeks to even out, and then we can get down to the business of actually expanding. For reals.

I’ve been told the expansion process can be painful and uncomfortable. I haven’t felt anything above and beyond my normal level of discomfort. We’ll see how it goes. I’ll go in weekly. It will likely take about 2-3 months to finish this process and then I’ll have the exchange surgery where they remove the expanders and put in permanent silicone implants.

So with the acne and the breast buds, I can’t say that I haven’t felt like I’ve journeyed in the Way Back Machine to 1984. Hello, I guess you could say I’m feeling Footloose and fancy free  All Night Long.






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  1. Jennifer,
    I’m so excited for you to FINALLY begin the next phase. I’m hoping all of the dragging out, and frustration is now left behind you. Only forward and onward. You’ve always been absolutely beautiful, so even with a few pimples or un-even-ness couldn’t deter how beautiful you are.

  2. Glad you will be leaving our ranks shortly! Although good news, I guess you’ll have to shelf your disappointment at missing out on the pink and blue Genie Bra Spring Collection.

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