FAQ#2 How’s the Intern doing?

In the 2nd installment of a 5-part series, I will now answer your most frequently asked questions. This is not an attempt to dissuade you from asking me things in person, approaching me in conversation, or reaching out, but in the event that you’re a) extremely busy and don’t talk to people in person anymore b) live far, far away, so the personal outreach is less easy to come by or c) don’t know who I am but somehow found this blog thinking that it was related to the awesome series on Netflix, then you’re in luck.

My absence in writing about Lucky hasn’t been on account of lack of love. We are truly and deeply in love with this dog, and every day I marvel at how rich our lives are because of him. All of this coming from a non-dog person! Gasp!

I’ll start this out by coming clean though: yes, we caved. The dog sleeps on our bed.

Lucky’s transition from the crate in our adjacent office, to his bed on the floor of our room, to the chair in our room, to the bed happened slowly and seamlessly. By the time he had firmly entrenched himself at the foot of our bed, we were smitten. He patiently waits for me to wake up in the morning, and like any good Intern, accompanies me downstairs to wake up and rally the thr oops.  He jumps on their beds, and wakes them up with sweet salty kisses and then joins me upstairs. (Unless it’s the weekend, and I’ve somehow slept past what he deems an appropriate amount of time, then he climbs on my head and licks my face until I wake up.)

The Intern’s duties have extended beyond his original job description. We’ve now added “wardrobe consultant” to the mix. Lucky has taken ownership with two significant aspects of my closet: 1) He keeps a close watch on my morning dressing routine and 2) he identifies his  fav “picks” of  certain boots, shoes, undies and pajama bottoms that he especially likes by eating them. This is, as you can imagine, tremendously helpful to me on a daily basis.

But by far, my favorite time of the day with The Intern is on our walks. I rock out to the Grateful Dead and we walk the marshlands near our house. He’s happy. I’m happy. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and I almost nearly forget about breast cancer or the strappy sandals he ate yesterday. Key word: nearly.

IMG_2079 IMG_2084 IMG_2088

Speaking of strappy sandals….




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  1. Love the pics of you and your intern and adore him to pieces too. Who knew, when you got him last April (primarily for the kids), that you would fall in love with him and he would bring you such joy and love at a much needed time. xoxox

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