Perspective is a funny thing, isn’t it? And no, I don’t mean the kind of perspective that you learn as a kind of drawing skill with architecture. I mean the kind that effects the lens in which you view things from different angles.

Sidebar alert: In 2nd grade, my BFF’s dad was an architect and came in to teach us how to draw perspective. He started by doing an exercise with railroad tracks and electric wires. It’s very tricky to do. It didn’t come easily for yours truly and I had some kind of World Class Meltdown in the classroom, complete with tears and crumpling up the paper. Ahhh, good times.

I’ve shared about my timeline perspective. And how I’ve somehow learned to let go of my prior vision that I’d be done-done-done by February. We’re in April and I’m still plugging along nicely with the weekly fills. Have I mentioned how I’ve become accustomed to my IBT’s? After years of being with ample bust, I’ve somehow gotten used to being on the other end of the spectrum.

There’s no magic number of the amount of cc’s that they will fill me with that screams perfect B cup. Wish there was. And it’s not just as simple as stretching the skin to achieve the right size. There’s so much reconstruction that has to be done. My PS assures me “We can fix that,” to practically every nook and cranny I point to around the area which formerly housed my big boobs. When I was hovering around 200 ccs and Dr K said that he wanted me to at least get to 400 ccs, I was floored. I hesitantly agreed to go there, but was not convinced that it would look good. I figured 400 ccs would be HUGE.

Ta da! I’m now at 415ccs. And no, I’m not huge.

So, I will do one more fill and see where we are. I’m in between an A and a B probably right now. But again, they still look more like a train wreck than brand new babies ready to be taken out for a spin.

Speaking of perspective, yesterday was M’s 43rd birthday. Holy Fuck. When did we become middle aged? It seems just like yesterday that we were 21 backpacking around Europe together, or even 26 and moving in to our apartment in Potrero Hill. But now he’s 43, and I drive a mini van. I mentioned this little detail to him yesterday morning on the occasion of his special day and we shared a giggle as we toasted to our health with our morning pills by the bathroom sinks – “Clink Clink”  – he with his blood pressure medicine and me with my cancer medicine. Ok, I guess we are middle aged. Sigh.

Today was the day that we started looking at the calendar to schedule my exchange surgery. Dr G my breast surgeon wants to be in there with Dr K to make sure she got all of the DCIS out and see if she needs to “scrape any more”. Lovely. But I’m glad that she’s so vigilant. Given her schedule, and Dr K’s schedule, and my fill schedule and the time I need to wait in between my last fill and my surgery, we’ve circled two potential dates on our mutual calendars: June 2nd or June 4th. Nothing is set yet, but that’s the area code we’re zooming in on.

Which means I’ll have the month of May to….finish chairing the Foundation online auction, assist with the big fundraising event on May 17th, celebrate my grandmother’s 95th birthday with her, and ….head out to Iowa for the World Odyssey of the Mind Tournament.

Wait, what?

If you’ve been wondering what I’ve been doing with all my “down time”, and what the guys have been doing in between school and the myriad of sports teams they play on, then you don’t need to look any further. I will tell you – we’ve been on a 5 month journey called Odyssey of the Mind. Quite simply, it’s an enrichment program designed for GATE kids at their middle school in which they solve a long term problem and then compete against other schools with their 8-minute presentation of said problem. There are all sorts of tricky rules and fine print and details that can trip you up along the way. But this team of seven 5th graders – C & Z and five others – totally rocked it. I’m so proud of them and I’ve been so proud to share this experience with them as one of their coaches.

We’ve put together a fundraising website to help raise the money needed to get to Iowa and compete at a national level. Check it out here and don’t forget to watch the video! And shameless plug alert: we’d appreciate your support in making this happen for these boys!




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  1. Jennifer, I’m blown away with all you do and all the accomplishments of your kids. This is fantastic. I’d love to hear more about this long term program and what they’ve done. Good luck in Iowa!!

  2. Yay, guys! That’s excellent! Also, congrats to you for moving forward in the reconstruction process, and finally, happy happy to Big Gins.

  3. We are NOT middle age!! I refuse to accept it. Awesome news about Odyssey of the Mind — with all of this challenges over the past 6 months, that is quite an accomplishment for the guys and you!! Xo. Dana

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