happy birthday to me

There’s something funny about after you reach the milestone birthday of 30. The other birthdays after that start to fade in importance. I remember turning 30 and doing a little self evaluation to make sure my boxes were all checked or in the process of being checked. Husband, check. Business school, check. First home, check. Babies, in-process, check.

And then I turned 31. And the birthdays after that also followed with little fanfare. Even my 40th wasn’t a big deal to me. M and I passed on the idea of throwing ourselves a joint party. Been there, done that for 30 and 35. We were fully satisfied with turning 40 and didn’t need to do anything special to commemorate it.

But today is different. Today I turn 43 – another year older – and I couldn’t be happier. For reals. 42 had its ups and downs, lumps and bumps (pun intended, of course). I’ve been so ready to turn the page on 42: I’m 6 months post diagnosis, 5 months past bilateral mastectomy, and grateful for every day since. I’m also celebrating the big four-three in Hawaii, which is my ultimate Happy Place, and I couldn’t be, well, happier. We’ve had an amazing 5 days here with our crew, and a couple of other families who were on Oahu with us. We’ve hiked Diamond Head, kayaked on the East Side, boogie boarded on Waikiki, and enjoyed a myriad of fruity smoothies and drinks (yes, some of them actually – gasp – had alcohol in them) while lazily lounging on beach chairs. In a word it’s been pure bliss.

In other news – I have a surgery date! It’s June 11. This is my exchange surgery where they take the expanders out and put in the permanent implants. Dr G will join Dr K in there (just like old times) and do a little extra scraping on the left side to make sure she got all the DCIS out. This is apparently not uncommon to do. But it was hell of tricky to schedule between the two of them. There’s also some other reconstruction stuff they’ll do which relates to the breast pocket placement and the breast “fold” and so forth, but I won’t bore you with the details. I won’t be out of commission for as long as my initial surgery was, but I will definitely be back on the DL for a few weeks.

Good thing we never moved my Command Chair back in the corner of the room.




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    1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! So glad you can celebrate in Hawaii. Also, finally you have a surgery date which in the planning of your summer, you can now fufil (being the planner you are). Next year at this time, when you reach 44 all of this will be past.

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