back in the saddle again

…If that’s what we’re calling the Command Center Chair.

Here’s how my day went by the numbers:

What time I woke up, had enough time to take a shower, blow dry my hair and put on sweats: 7. (suck it MR)

What time I dropped the kids off at School: 8.

How many lunches I had to make before going to CMPC: 3

What time we dropped off said lunches to 2 schools: 9

Arrived at the Hospital at: 10.

How many pre-Op blood tests: 2

How many times I pleaded with the nurses to bring The Closer to administer my IV: 4

Number of items The Closer dropped on the floor before the IV draw: 2

How many times The Closer pricked me to get the IV in: 1!

How many hours I was in the OR: 2

How many RHOOC I  watched upon returning home: 2

How many nurses recognized me from my 3 prior stays: 4

photo photo

More later….



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