speaking of Groundhog Day

Lather, rinse, repeat.

My days are blurring into carbon copies of the next. I’m not complaining, not at all. Like I’ve said before, I come from a long line of “resters” and I can hang in my CCC like the best of them. But it’s funny to lose track of days just the same.

[See, Morris, Craig, Olympic Sport in Resting]

Monday night was the hardest to get a decent night’s sleep. Maybe I was jacked up from the anesthesia but I had a hard time getting comfy in my bed. So I stayed up and did what any sane person would do in my position: sent online shopping recommendations to friends with links until around 4 am. Luckily, with a little help from my friends… Percoset and Ambien, I managed to settle down around 5:15 and sleep until 11:30 am.

I’m also back with my ol’ friend the Jackson Pratt drain on my left side. Super fun. There’s not a lot one can do to “dress up” the look of the JP drain or accessorize with it, so I’ve been wearing a floral kimono around the house and hiding it there. It’s not the prettiest thing. I have to keep it in until my output is less than 30 ccs in a 24 hour period. It’s the end of day 2 post op and I’m not there yet. Oh – and I can’t shower until the drain is removed. Yay.

My pain is tolerable. Mostly it’s a tightening on the left side, under my armpit, that stretches out to my back, and the top part of my stomach. Mainly it feels like I was hit in the side with a soccer ball. Hard.

I spoke with the PA today and found out that the bad expander had indeed deflated and folded over. That’s why it was all wonky looking and misshapen. Also, and this was interesting, it only had 70 ccs of saline in it when they took it out. They had filled it to 465 – so this was quite a massive loss of fluid and volume. So now they’ve filled me to 300. I’m not sure when the fills on my left will resume, maybe in 2 weeks.

I’m taking my antibiotics like a good girl, taking my pain pills when needed, and drinking tons of fluids. I’m a model patient and catching up on essential TV shows while my mom shuttles my kids to and from activities, cleans out the garage, does a few loads of laundry and helps the kids with their homework. I have tremendous gratitude for my mother who has let me be the daughter for a few days while she plays mother to my kids.

Thank you for all of the check ins, texts, phone calls and emails. I’m overwhelmed by your thoughtfulness and generosity – from dropping off meals, delivering gossip, stockpiling my fave Starbucks refreshers and keeping my mind occupied with important things like outfit planning and packing lists. I truly have the greatest friends and family in the World.





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  1. Jennifer,
    Like everybody else I am so sorry this was 1 more hassle you’ve had to go through. There’s nothing to say except keep shopping online. New duds always makes a person feel better.
    Your Mom is Saint Cindy and always has been. It appears you’re the same Mom to your kids. You’ve learned from the BEST!!
    I’m hopeful you are still on schedule.

  2. That’s exactly what I wanted for you this week…You to be able to be the daughter and not the mom..(BTW..I highly recommend “The Middle Place” by Kelly Corrigan…this is exactly what her story is about). I love you soooo much and am happy to be mom to my wonderful grandchildren and granddog anytime!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo

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