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drain, drain go away

I finally got my drain out on Monday! Thrilled not to have my co-pilot with me anymore and have the difficult task of having to “accessorize” with it. When I was there, they also did a fill on my left. So I am getting close to being done. Only 2 more fills over the next

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mother’s day gratitude

Hallmark cards, potpourri, home-made macaroni necklaces aside, Mother’s Day is a sweet holiday and a time to reflect. For many of my close personal friends – and my own mother included – Mother’s Day is a bittersweet reminder that they no longer have their mothers present in their daily lives. As it happens my Nana’s

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full confession

Time to come clean. I’ve been doing more than my fair share of online shopping under the influence (OSUI). Last week the day after my surgery, I had trouble sleeping, and I was up until 5am. What’s a gal to do after she’s popped a few “Perkies” while she waits for sleep to overtake her?

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