mother’s day gratitude

Hallmark cards, potpourri, home-made macaroni necklaces aside, Mother’s Day is a sweet holiday and a time to reflect. For many of my close personal friends – and my own mother included – Mother’s Day is a bittersweet reminder that they no longer have their mothers present in their daily lives. As it happens my Nana’s Yahrzeit (anniversary of her passing) falls typically on the Friday before Mother’s Day. I’m both a mother, and a daughter, a girl who lost her Nana at 10 years old, a wife, and a friend to many incredible, courageous, smart and strong women.

I’m grateful to each and every one of the mothers in my life:

– …my own mother who comes tidies up our house in such a way that when M comes home he says “Was your mother here today?” because he knows that even I can’t keep a house that clean. Who models every day to me how to be a good mom.

– …my mother in law who asks clearly and often, “What can I do to help?” and help often comes in the way of home-cooked meals, kid pickups, or the long-loved kid sleepover in Ross.

-…my friends EJ, SM, and AD, who like my own mother lost their mothers way too early, and carry with them daily  spirit and strength to keep memories alive, and are good and present mothers to their own children not to mention great sources of support for me these last 6 months.

-…my (sometimes) amazing, always-loveable children whose tight hugs when they wake up from a deep sleep make me breathe in their scent and the feel of their soft child-like skin is something I’ll savor as they whisper to me, “You’re the best mommy,” and for that moment, I truly believe it.

-…my cousins and aunts who through their kindness and generosity show that love has no bounds and family is forever.

-…my amazing girlfriends – all mothers themselves – who laugh with me, cry with me, share secrets with me, offer advice – unsolicited and solicited – we are warriors navigating and negotiating the tricky path of motherhood together!

– …my own daughter, who is not yet a mother, but someday will be as her aspirations at the tender age of 9 are to be “A mommy and a Pop Star,” and I think that’s just dandy, who thinks I’m beautiful in every way and thinks everything can be fixed by a “huggy.”

Happy Mother’s Day!



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  1. What a magnificent tribute you wrote today. You have such a gift…..not only what you say but the way you say it….. I wish that I could write like you……all I can say is that I LOVE you and LOVE being your mom and nana to your children. I adore ALL of you and thank you for those beautiful words that you wrote today. I think you are one terrific mom too. HAPPY M DAY to you!!!
    xoxoxoxoxoxo and I’ve gotta get ready for my bike ride with Miss J.

  2. Thanks for the beautiful post. Happy Mother’s Day to you. I miss my mom terribly, especially today but take heart in the wonderful models all of the M sisters were. I hope to always keep them with me in being as caring and thoutful as they were.

  3. COuld never have said it better. Again, I say you are amazing. But, then, you have an amazing Mom!. Happy Mom’s Day to all

  4. Jennifer,
    Through all of your blogs, I have come to know the kind, caring, fun loving Mom you have become. As I said before, your kids are so lucky to have you as you are to have your Superwoman Mom. Your Mom is the spitting image of your Nana. She not only resembles her, her mannerisms and goodness are exactly like My Auntie Corinne, your Nana. You have been taking me back with all of your writings to when your Mom and I were your kids ages and then your ages. It’s so strange but I feel like you are us and we’re your Nana and my Mom. It’s the life cycle. I appreciate so much knowing how you’re feeling about the past and what you remember. C and I had an unforgettable childhood, so lucky to grow up together with amazing parents and family. i never realized what you and your cousins remember of your childhood. You have been expressing it, and so well. You have touched me every single time i read one of these.
    Happy Mother’s Day to you!!! You’re one in a million and someone to admire just like C and your Nana before her.

  5. Jennifer,

    What a beautiful tribute to your Nana (who was amazing), your Mom (go DINDO’s!) and your beautiful children. You are an incredible Mom and an inspiration to all. XOXOXO Linda

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