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4 days post exchange op

Tra la la ….I’m back in our “summer house” in a make-shift Command Center. For those who aren’t in the know, every June we happily housesit for my in-laws who spend the summer in Idaho. Dubbed “Rosscation” it’s like a staycation on steroids. We have all the advantages of being at home – but get

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2nd day post op update

I’m home resting in my CCC and watching exceptionally bad TV. A new low – at present I’m catching up on behind the scenes footage of M and my fave go-to show “Naked & Afraid”. I’m also fired up for Jenni Garth and Tori Spelling’s new series which debuts tonight “Mystery Girls.” Set your DVRs!

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5th night free

Watch out people, I’ve nearly hit the ultimate sapphire level at CPMC. They punch my card everytime I come in for surgery. 5 surgeries = an adorbs clear plastic title clutch with swag (with ear plus, face mask and Chapstick!)  I’ve heard a rumor that at 25 they give you a pony! Hello old friend

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the countdown is on

Funny thing while I’ve been counting down the days until my exchange surgery (June 23rd), the little people in my family have been counting down until the last day of school.  Both share the same nervous anticipation and dreaded excitement. But what’s interesting to me is how in the last 48 hours since school officially

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Miss me?

Yep, it’s been awhile and I’ve had a whirlwind spring. Instead of talking about the online auction, spring fashion show and other Foundation related events I had a hand in, or the fact that after nearly 6 years on the Board (and a couple as President), I have “retired,” or my trip with seven 11-year

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