Miss me?

Yep, it’s been awhile and I’ve had a whirlwind spring. Instead of talking about the online auction, spring fashion show and other Foundation related events I had a hand in, or the fact that after nearly 6 years on the Board (and a couple as President), I have “retired,” or my trip with seven 11-year olds to Odyssey of the Mind World in Ames, Iowa, let’s talk about my boobs.

[for the video, click here]

I am officially done with my fills! My last visit pre-exchange surgery was this past Monday. They filled me one more time (a little past my comfort level, but I’m taking them out for a spin and if I like them I’ll keep this size, otherwise we will adjust) and sent me on my way!

Dr K walked in and said, “Okay, so you’ve been coming in weekly for about 6 months and today’s the day where we finally talk about what you want.”

I said, “I want a pony.”

Without missing a beat, he says, “I want a pony and I want it now.” And we laugh. He’s awesome that way.

So here’s the deal. My surgery is June 23rd. They will take out the expanders and put in the implants. They will also do other reconstruction type things.

Last week when I went for my appointment when I arrived they told me that Dr K wasn’t out of surgery yet, and they he’d be an hour. So I decided to pop over to this beauty salon Veer & Wander – which I’d read about that carries European non toxic beauty products. Stocked up on a few essential items from my new have lines RMS and Ilia and headed back to CPMC. When I arrived this time, I was told they were still not out of surgery and that it would be another hour. My appointment was for 1:00, it was now 2:15. So I walked down the street to this adorable Cafe – Duboce Park Cafe – and got a smoothie and read my book.  When I returned around 3:15, I waited for about 10 minutes and then was seen.

Not once during my 2-hour wait was I annoyed, outraged, frustrated or angry about the delay. And neither were the other 5-7 people in the waiting room. We all “got it” – if it were me on the operating table and my surgery went longer for some reason or another, I’d want the Dr to stay and be there, instead of rushing back to his office to be on time. A few decided to reschedule for another day; others like me simply waited it out without complaint.

I’m hopeful about the future. I’m looking forward to this being towards the end of my surgery journey. And I’m looking forward to being able to spend more time focusing on my family and my health. While it’s been incredibly rewarding and challenging (in a good way) to have been as busy as I have been these last 6 months juggling all of my volunteer commitments (not to mention a lifesaver at times to have it as a welcome distraction) and CJ, I’m ready to change lanes into the slow lane.




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  1. Big (boobs) congratulations on getting the fills filled! So thrilled you are nearing the real end of all that and cannot wait to see the results! And enjoy the slow lane, you deserve it (plus, I bet you won’t put up with that too long!:) Big hug, lady! xo

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