2nd day post op update

I’m home resting in my CCC and watching exceptionally bad TV. A new low – at present I’m catching up on behind the scenes footage of M and my fave go-to show “Naked & Afraid”. I’m also fired up for Jenni Garth and Tori Spelling’s new series which debuts tonight “Mystery Girls.” Set your DVRs!

Monday we checked into the hospital at 8:30 am and were brought immediately up to the 4th floor. I changed into the ubiquitous purple gown, green socks with tread and settled in for a long wait. Rookie move – forgot my trash mags so when I was wheeled down to the OR waiting room I didn’t have anything to read. But a really nice nurse brought me a stack of newish ones so I could keep busy.

And guess what? It only took 5 surgeries and 6 hospital stays for the staff at CPMC bring the “closer” to me right away, courtesy of my newly minted frequent flyer sapphire status. (Membership rocks) Ursula is the Wonder Nurse who inserted my IV with zero drama back in April, and they called for her again and she once again delivered. I took a picture of her.  M is in the background looking amused.


The Closer

I ended up staying the night and I’m so glad I did. I was in a significant amount of pain that first night, and not terribly handy taking care of myself. Despite the doses of percocet and other drugs in my IV, I somehow managed to stay awake until 5 am and only slept until 7:30 am when they woke me for my morning check up. I was enjoying my large room, with the windows open, and the peace and quiet too much for sleep I guess.

[Insider’s Tip: If you’re going to CPMC anytime soon, you must remember to order the green tea ice cream. So delicious I had it for lunch the next day!]

Part of the surgery involved my breast oncologist “scraping” any remaining tissue on my left breast since the DCIS was so close to the skin. Dr G left a message for me yesterday saying that there was very little tissue left from the bilateral mastectomy in November and sent what she did manage to collect to pathology – but expects no surprises there.

My dad picked me up in the afternoon and brought me back home where I’ve been reunited with my comfy chair and The Intern who has not left my side. I’m sore, tired, grateful, happy to be home, relieved to have reached this milestone, and looking forward to recuperating and relaxing this summer.

And lastly. File this under the category: When it Rains it Pours. Z had an accident at All Stars practice Monday night when a baseball hit him square in the right eye. Massive blood everywhere, Coaches and parents sprang into action, he was driven to the ER, and then Mike was able to take him to an Ophthalmologist. I didn’t find out about this until hours later when he was firmly and safely ensconced at my parents’ house. Luckily, with the help of Nurse Nana, he received TLC, eye drops, super cool sunglasses and lots of love in my absence. For the record, Nana slept on the floor in their room at her house in a sleeping bag that night to make sure he was okay. Further good news is how fast his eye is mending and while baseball practice and games are on hold for him right now (he can’t do any physical activity and nothing that requires moving his head), his vision has improved, the pressure in his eye has improved, and his retina was not affected.  Last night he suited up and stayed in the dugout to cheer his team on. Tonight he’ll do the same.

I can’t express how grateful M and I both are by family and friends in our amazing community who have reached out and let us know they’re thinking about Z – along with the friends who have picked up things, dropped off things, or driven carpools for me when I’ve asked. I’d normally have my Intern handle all of my thank you notes, but all he seems to want to do is nap and watch Real Housewives on TV.

I think I’ll join him.



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  1. So glad you are doing well and that the long ordeal is winding down. I hope you spent part of the day watching Timmy and his No hitter. Go Giants! It was fun to watch and I hope both you and the Giants are on the mend and continue to do well. Much Love, Suzy

    1. Jennifer,
      Waiting all day for results of your surgery. Finally C said everything went really well. WHEW!!
      Then the email about Z. I along with everybody else I’m sure couldn’t believe it. I’m so glad he’s better and itching to get back on the team when the time is right.
      C sleeping on the floor is no surprise. One in a million. Heard the boys wanted to go to Nana’s after you got home. What love there!!! Hope you can veg at M and P’s. In the meantime maybe if you’re up to it A is in town and we would love to see you Sunday. We’ll call first and see how you are.

  2. Just wanted to wish you everything good & healthy for the future. Have followed every blog and absolutely love your writing. Even though this yucky situation is coming to an end (thank goodness) I hope you will continue writing. Thinking of you. Vicki Klapper

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