4 days post exchange op

Tra la la ….I’m back in our “summer house” in a make-shift Command Center. For those who aren’t in the know, every June we happily housesit for my in-laws who spend the summer in Idaho. Dubbed “Rosscation” it’s like a staycation on steroids. We have all the advantages of being at home – but get this – a few added luxuries we don’t get at home like a ginormous backyard, epic tree swing, pool, warmer weather and walking distance to great trails. It’s the highlight of our summer every year that’s for sure.

I’m healing slowly but surely. The stabbing pain has subsided and in its place is achy muscles, sore limbs and some itchy skin. And – ta da – my drains are back! It’s one thing having drains in the fall, winter or spring (me, me, me also) but the summer adds a stickier element to this dog and pony show that is the Jackson Pratt Drains. The warmer weather makes it more challenging to find adequate wardrobe options to hide them. But me complain? Nah, never.

Since this isn’t my first time at the rodeo, (if said Rodeo were called “recovering from breast surgery rodeo” doesn’t exactly slip off the tongue now does it?) I’ve got this rest-n-recuperate thing down pat. I’m also well aware that:

  • swelling will take 1-2 months even more perhaps to go down
  • my breasts are not perfect and they won’t resemble the “finished product” for some time
  • it’s not unusual to do some reconstruction revisions down the road if needed and wanted
  • Dr G took what was remaining “very little tissue” left in my left breast and doesn’t expect it to be anything but I will be totally relieved when the pathology report comes out clear
  • I can resume walking around 10 days.
  • No strenuous exercise for 6 weeks.
  • No lifting anything more than 5 pounds on each side.

I’ve also figured out a trick to sleeping on my back. I use my airplane neck pillow so I don’t get sore. Now picture me: earplugs in, eye mask on, neck pillow wrapped around me. Gorgeous I tell you!

I’m also ready to turn my attention back to healthy eating. I’ve changed my entire beauty products routine with chemical free, organic and natural body and beauty products. I’ve incorporated daily (almost) walks with the Intern as part of my lifestyle. And I’ve dramatically reduced the amount of dairy and alcohol. But now it’s really time to walk the walk and no longer just talk the talk. I must do a better job of eating healthier and reducing access to refined sugars. It’s hard because a) I have such a sweet tooth and b) this spring as I was juggling all of  my insane demands, combined with health hiccups, I fell off the wagon. But now that this surgery is behind me and my volunteer job in the rear view mirror, I have the bandwidth to focus on me and my pledge to have a healthier lifestyle. And now that I am a small(er) chested woman, I may pick up some sports that I felt were previously off the table for me: golf…running….better tennis player?

In the meantime, here are a few of my summer faves, as soon as I’m able to say goodbye to muumuus and JP drains, (and leave the house!) I’ll be happily wearing my summer go-to’s all over town.



ps. For those inquiring about Z man, he’s still couch bound, poor kid. He’s missed 3 all star games and at least 1 more, we’re crossing our fingers he can play next week, but for now he’s still on the 7-10 day DL.

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  1. So glad you are on the mend! You are an amazing writer and I have followed your blog with tears and smiles along the way. I really feel as if I’ve gotten to know you, even though we’ve never gotten to spend much time together. I’ve learned that you are an amazing person, wife and mother which is no surprise considering who your parents are! Much love and continued support as you heal. Love,
    Linda Reich

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