Mending + Healing

I’ll lead with the best news ever – Z was cleared Tuesday to play baseball! The look on his face – pure joy. He practiced with his all star team on Tuesday afternoon and played in last night’s game. He’s incredibly grateful and so am I.

We’re down to 1 drop 2x a day. He’s become an expert at handling eye drops. And he can resume all activities. Yay.

I’m also on the mend. I’ve managed to take a few adventures and leave the house 3x. Woo hoo! I’ve also cut down on my meds too – and I’m saving percoset for the afternoons so I can drive in the morning and have a clear head. Still, I tire easily and I’m sore in more than a few places, but every day is an improvement. And also – big news – I got my drains out on Monday – which as you know, also has opened the door for wardrobe options tremendously now that I don’t have to hide these hideous things that were attached to my body on each side. Huge victory.

And more good news. Dr G (breast surgeon) called and said the pathology on the remaining tissue she took was clear. Happy dance. So she doesn’t recommend any further treatment and wants to see me in 1 month. I’m still taking Tamoxifen – which my oncologist Dr M has prescribed for me – and I will take it for the next 5 (perhaps 10) years.

So all in all, it’s been about 9 months from diagnosis to this point. I may have a little small revision surgery in a few months (no biggie) but let’s dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s if you know what I mean…so carry the one, add the four, and it will be about 12 months. One year. Wow. In this “lost” year I’ve missed out on a milestone events for friends and family, presentations and performances at school, little league games, CYO tournaments, my tennis team, and an entire ski season. But they pale in comparison to what I’ve gained: perspective, gratitude, tolerance, and flexibility.



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  1. Hi Jennifer
    What great news all the way around. Woo Hoo, let’s put this year behind you and moving forward with the amazing life you have with your children, husband, parents, in-laws, family, and FRIENDS. I just hope you continue to write because everyone who reads this blog is fascinated with your writing. All of your insight to the fashion world, the cosmetic world, kids world etc. are really fun to read. You really could put what you’ve written so far in a journal to sell for others who are going through the same thing.
    Happy 4th of July!!

  2. Jennifer, you are the “bravest of the brave”. Wishing you well and EVERYTHING healthy, happy and wonderful

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