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10 Days Post Op

I spent the good part of my first week post-Op assuming “the position”: ensconced in my chair, remote in hand, stack of mags on my right, laptop on my left, and the Intern at my feet. Lucky for me, the little people in my house were at Mountain Camp and not due home until Saturday (3

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I’m not gonna lie. The 5:00 am alarm for the 5:20 am departure (shout out to MR – cuz that’s how I roll) was, in a word, BRUTAL. I didn’t go to bed early the night before as planned, so I was definitely in major sleep deficit mode. M and I crushed it heading to the city in

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Miss me?

Guess what? I’m back! And guess what again? I’m heading into surgery tomorrow. Yep, that’s right, I just can’t stay away. I think after 5 surgeries you get a free latte. Or something. Friends ask, “Are you nervous?” or “Are you excited?” and either it’s the 20 mg of Lexapro talking or I really am

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