I’m not gonna lie. The 5:00 am alarm for the 5:20 am departure (shout out to MR – cuz that’s how I roll) was, in a word, BRUTAL. I didn’t go to bed early the night before as planned, so I was definitely in major sleep deficit mode. M and I crushed it heading to the city in 25 minutes. Remember this is CPMC Davies campus so it’s deep Divisadero. We were checking in by 5:50 am and Dr K gave us kudos for the on-time arrival because he says that patients who are scheduled for the first surgery of the day who arrive late are his biggest pet peeve. I wouldn’t want to put him in a bad mood before he sports sharp objects in his hand. Whoa.  Can you imagine?

But, being the first surgery on the schedule does have its perks:

  1.  Like instead of getting taken to the 3rd floor and then later transferred to the O/R waiting room, I was taken directly to a private O/R waiting room and then wheeled in when they were ready. Easy peasy.
  2. And we started on time.
  3. And M could stay with me the whole time until I had to go into the O/R, which also meant I had my magazines with me! Instead of being trapped and forced to read Sunset and Family Circle from 2006, I caught up on the latest from Entertainment Weekly. (The best gift evah VMD!) Oh happy day!

And while the surgery itself went well and I was out of there lickety-split, (Bonus – “The Closer” Nurse Ursula fresh off her trip to Ireland administered my IV with zero drama. She’s 3 for 3. Sweet!)  I did spend a longer time in “recovery” – chalk it up to a possible different kind or dosage of anesthesia or whatever – but I was really out of it for a solid 2 1/2 hours before I was released to go to my “day” room on the 4th floor. Once there,  my Wonder Mom stayed with me for nearly 3 hours while I gathered enough strength to get out of bed and use the bathroom (their litmus test for release) and listened to me babble on and on while I floated around on a puffy cloud filled with dilaudid and fentanyl.  To put it simply: my mom rocks.

I’m sore. Relieved to be on the other side of this surgery. Looking forward to healing and putting this past me. And to my dear friends from the IBTC who took me in, granted me a temporary membership, and supported me, I say farewell to thee as I move up the cup size ladder. It was a lovely ride with you and I will cherish the time spent together. Always. MUWAH!

Alright, alright, alright. You can imagine how psyched I was to come home to see The Intern and be back in my Command Center Chair. In an spoof of the ubiquitous “vacay leg photos with water view” – here’s our own version of that photo.






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  1. Jenifer,, so glad it went so well and you’re home without much drama as you’ve had in the past. No drains this time, and just healing. The picture of your intern is precious!!!

  2. I loved your chattiness yesterday and felt like I was the lucky one to get to hear all your stories, thoughts, and plans, YOU ROCK and I love you to the moon and back!!

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