10 Days Post Op

I spent the good part of my first week post-Op assuming “the position”: ensconced in my chair, remote in hand, stack of mags on my right, laptop on my left, and the Intern at my feet. Lucky for me, the little people in my house were at Mountain Camp and not due home until Saturday (3 days after), and then only home for a brief pitstop until the next morning when headed to Idaho to visit their grandparents. This afforded me just over a week of recuperation without having to run interference and solve such pressing issues as who ate most of the cookies, who’s hogging the computer, and who took someone’s i-Touch charger.

And now, 10 days later, the little people are back! And I’m feeling much better. I’ve been off of pain pills since day 4 during the day, drove for the first time last week, and went on a long walk today with the Intern.  And I may have even broken a personal record of not leaving the house – so I’ve got that going for me, which is nice. M knows I have an extremely high tolerance for resting around doing nothing. I mean, really, really high.

(For those interested in my TV escapades: thumbs down for LeAnn and Eddie – thanks to LS for her intervention I had to quit them – and thumbs up for Dating Naked)

I’m still sidelined and on the DL, which means no tennis, running (who am I kidding? My plan to become a runner post big boobs hasn’t exactly taken off), lifting weights, yoga, etc.  Most of those things I don’t do anyway. Ha! I’m also doing the Massive Pillow Routine at night – since I have to still sleep on my back: You put your two pillows in back, a neck pillow in front, two pillows on each side, and you shake it all about. Add a pillow under my leg, eye mask, earplugs, ambien, and that’s what it’s all about.

I see Dr K again later this week. So far I’m very happy with the results of this last surgery – which was reconstruction revision – and I hope I continue to heal nicely.

Tomorrow is September. How can that be? That marks 11 months of my CJ. Grateful by all accounts to be where I am. But, what a strange trip it’s been. True that.







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    In the meantime I’m so glad this CJ seems to be on the back end. Hopefully by the 1 year mark it will be a memory and you’re back doing all of your things that you like to do.
    I hope you continue to write your blog though because your skills at telling about everything from shopping to TV watching and news of your kids will be missed if you don’t.

  2. Go Jen! Happy to hear you are recovering well! And I’d like to recommend Million Dollar Listing to you tv watching selection. Xo.
    P.S. I would also recommend “botched” but only after you are done with your surgical recovery.

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