dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s

I had nipple surgery today you guys.

Yep, this marked my 6th surgery in 11 months. I deserve some kind of present from my dear, dear friends (nurses and doctors) at CPMC Davies. A commuter mug? A commemorative key chain? My own monogrammed IV Kit? I continue to marvel at the level of care I have received and how amazing they all are with my silly requests, strange observations, light chit-chat and random questions.

[One nurse, upon me inquiring what blood type I was and what was the universal donor/receiver type was, went the extra mile and looked it up online during her break and handed a print out to me – wow, just wow.]

Woo-woo! The surgery was the last stop on the reconstruction train. They did the nipple recon on “lefty” and then they did some fat grafting (sounds hard-core it’s just taking fat from one part of my body and putting in another….hello lipo) and adjustment to “righty.” I’m sore, but I’ve been to this rodeo before. Like a gazillion times. Okay, just 6, but you know what I mean.

Chalk it up to my mental state approaching this last surgery (eh, another one, oh okay, no biggie) or my feeling that you guys have maxed out on your bandwidth for my CJ (another surgery, ummm, didn’t we just read about one?), but I may have kinda-sorta-maybe failed to broadcast the news of today’s event. So….sorry. I underestimated you guys.

What’s next? A lot of resting in my CCC and watching the NLCS – GO GIANTS!

And…. of course, online shopping (Er, I mean BROWSING). Did you know that Shopbop is doing 25% off this week with the code FAMILY25? And Saks is doing their 25% off this week for Friends & Family with code FRNFAM? Don’t forget to use code FREESHIP at Saks.

Happy Shopping!



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  1. Wow. Six. You are inspiring! Go Giants and thanks for the shopping tips. Here’s to a speedy recovery. Xoxoxox

  2. Thanks again for entertaining me with your wit and charm . I don’t know how you do it!!!!!. I know it hasn’t been easy, AT ALL, for you, but you are incredibly brave and through all you have had to do, you still make us smile and laugh. Thank you for your bravery, Jennifer. It is truly appreciated.

  3. Hoping you are buying some new sexy bras with those coupon codes! Bet you have the best boobs in town now- you deserve them. Xo.

  4. Handing out shopping shortcuts after undergoing nip…what you underwent today? Your unrelenting quest for the domination of ecommerce is a marvel and an inspiration, Jen. Not to mention how tough you’ve been through the CJ. Sleep well. xoxox

  5. Sorry you had to do another surgery, Jen, and glad it’s over with. I’m flying up to be with Tam tomorrow. She is having the same surgery in the morning. Hoping it’s her last one, but as you know, time will tell. Feel well, and glad you’re resting and shopping. xoxo

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