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JG interviews JG

Instead of writing a lengthy post on my feelings (down), emotions (fragile), or my current state of mind (frustrated), I will do a little question and answer sesh so you can get all the deets: how did we get here, what’s happening now, what will happen? When did this Start? Back in October when I

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Getting “icky” with it

I need to up my nursing game. I’m the person who never got into the TV show ER because it was way too gory for me. So you can imagine how grossed out I was when I woke up yesterday morning in a pool of blood. The blood and puss were leaking from my incision line.  Total

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Deja Vu

You’d think after 8 surgeries, I’d have this down. The procedure itself on Friday was pretty easy. The surgery center was a breeze compared to the Hospital. I checked in at 8:10 am for my 9:00 surgery, and by 8:15, I already had my gown, socks, and blanket on in my bed. Without general anesthesia,

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