Inching towards the finish line…perhaps?

Time is a funny thing. I’m well aware that last year-ish, around this time-ish, I was recuperating at home. It took me a solid 4 weeks to have the stamina, energy and ability to shower on my own, get dressed, blow dry my hair, and drive somewhere. Last year my foray out in the world post House Arrest was to the elementary school’s Holiday Store  – a cute tradition where families drop off their donated items they don’t need anymore – scarves, ties, jewelry, picture frames, books, etc – to the school, and for $1 each student can “buy” two presents and get them wrapped.

This year, I am co-chairing the Holiday Store.

I hardly remember anything from this time last year – it’s all a blur.

My last procedure was last Monday (or so I thought – more on that later) to tattoo the area around my left aerola. The whole tattoo thing is a trip – they mix a color to match your skin tone, put it against your breast and compare. (Not unlike the gals at the makeup counter at Nordstrom!) Then, they paint the color on, and then the machine “tattoos” the ink on your skin. I don’t have a ton of feeling in my breasts anymore, so while the noise was deafening, and I was having a moment of heightened hot flashes, the pain was tolerable. No local anesthetic or numbing cream. Just popped a percoset pre-tatoo and VOILA all ready.

I can honestly say that the worse part of it was the “heebie jeebies” before, during and after. Hello! There’s a needle on my breast! Hello! I’m awake for this! Hello! Is this really happening? 

That was Monday. While I was there, Dr K looked at my incision on my right breast. I had it repaired at my last surgery on October 15th – but because if I were to write a book about my CJ its title would appropriately be called “The Big D stands for Delay, not D-Cup: the Trials and Tribulations of a Breast Cancer Survivor” – I had, you guessed it, a little infection post surgery. This infection called for two rounds of antibiotics to get rid of the redness and soreness on my incision. There was also puss involved. Yuckers.

So here I was on December 8th, a full two weeks after the last round of antibiotics with a new opening on the incision line. Dr K was not worried and they out some ointment on it to make it heal. Fast forward to Wednesday night – pre #stormageddon – and the opening grew bigger, and I started bleeding. A lot. Again, yuckers.

So, back to the Dr’s I go Thursday afternoon – driving across the bridge while everyone sane was tucked at home during the crazy storm – and a huge shoutout to FFM who drove me there – and guess what?

No? You don’t want to play this game? (M doesn’t like it either)

I’ll give you a hint. It rhymes with “GORE MURGERY”

Yep, for those of you at home who guess correctly More Surgery – you win five points.

I report to  the Hayes Valley Surgery Center tomorrow morning at 8:00 am. Oooo la la!  A new medical facility! A local anesthetic! No IV! Dr K will re-suture my incision lickety-split and I’ll be home in time for a marathon of bad TV I’ve recorded on my DVR.

But, alas, I won’t be able to attend the Holiday Store. You know, the One That I am Co-Chairing? Nope. I have to stay in bed and “rest.” Good thing I’m an expert at that.






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  1. No. No. No. Well, fine. If they say you must. Good thinking with the DVR. Onward and upward and ever the emotional inspiration. Thinking of you. xo

  2. O.m.g. can’t believe another one!!!! Lord have mercy sister, enough already! Will miss you tmro at the h.s., ….hunker down w the new gracepoint, homeland, n newsroom….xxoo hugs!!!

  3. Oh Jen! You have had so much!!! But your fabulous attitude should be an inspiration to everyone. I hope this is your last round of surgery. Love, Gayle

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