Deja Vu

You’d think after 8 surgeries, I’d have this down.

The procedure itself on Friday was pretty easy. The surgery center was a breeze compared to the Hospital. I checked in at 8:10 am for my 9:00 surgery, and by 8:15, I already had my gown, socks, and blanket on in my bed. Without general anesthesia, this meant no IVs and no other pre-op tests. I walked into the surgery room and we talked while they sewed me up. I cannot say enough how I continue to be impressed and grateful for the incredible care from the nurses and doctors and assistants. They always make me feel at ease and like I’m their number #1 patient. Dr K has actually called me his VIP Patient. I not sure he’s kidding. I think I’m that awesome. I told some TMI jokes in the O/R, we laughed while they stitched, they apologized for the music selection when I demanded One Direction (as a joke I was wondering if they’d comply). I walked out of there at 9:10, and my dad picked me up at 9:15. Thanks to the numbing shot, I didn’t feel sore….yet.

So my dad drove me home and we did what any normal dad and daughter would do post surgery: stop for ice cream on Union Street because, duh, it was 9:30 am and raining, and one Must Have the Best Ice Cream as he described it. So I agreed.  I spent the rest of the day in bed and watched the entire 2nd season of The Newsroom On Demand. So good.


By Saturday, I expected to feel some relief, but I had more pain. Not just around the incision, but also on my abdomen on my right side below the breast. So I continued to rest all day Saturday and Sunday, and finished the 3rd season of The Newsroom. So, so good.

I woke up on Monday, with a low grade fever and redness around my breast and splotchiness. The breast is hot and hard. Like some science experiment, I keep asking M, “Wanna see my boob now and see how red it is?” and he continues to decline my offer. He’s “over it” and so am I. He’s always felt I leaned towards the hypochondriac side of things – if there were a scale – and now this stuff is legit, so he’s completely confused. It feels like deja-vu when I had this last December. That time, when my breast was red and hot and hard, I was admitted to the hospital and stayed for 3 days over New Years hooked up to an IV. I’m emotionally drained, physically exhausted, and a little fragile right now. (Ok, part of it is watching the series finale of The Newsroom, I need another show to obsess over and keep me distracted during the winter hiatus.)  Reccos?

I’ve been in touch with the Physician’s Assistant, C and we’ve agreed that if my low grade fever continues or gets worse by tomorrow, or if the redness doesn’t subside or gets worse, I will pop in to see them. In the meantime, I’ll pop a little percoset and hopefully get some pain relief.



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